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Ameliaaemi041 wrote:
Dear Christine, Yup we are fine. It's good to hear that you have a child of 12 months. I am very happy for you. Many more congratulations for this blessing. This is such a very great news for me. And I am also glad that you have shared it here with all. I can also understand your wish. You said you are trying for another child as well. Yup, you can do it. But the thing is that you have to consult the best one clinic. There are many clinics who are destroying the health of mothers. I can guide to in this way. As yesterday I have come to know about the best consultants. They are going to the UK on 18 and 19 of August. You can take more information by search about that. I hope you will be soon blessed. Just try to take appointment from them. Good Luck.

Are you talking about biotexcom?? I know they're going to have their open days on those dates. I'm sure this is a great way of communication between the clinic and its IPs. Simply ask any questions you want and get info first handed. I wish we had any home. But on the whole, I'd say they're never late with responds. Starting from the very first call or email - you're just sure to be heard on time.
Don't worry, sweetheart! Everything will be okay. Things will get fine soon. I know this is very frustrating. It becomes very difficult to deal with such situations. But you have to stay strong. You have to keep your hopes high. Keep faith in yourself. These things take some time. I know you are tired of waiting. But you'll soon have a good news. You should be positive. Don't think negatively. We all are here to support you. I'll pray for you. Wish you all the best. Much love for you.
Keep calm, sweetheart! Everything will be okay. Don't worry so much. Things will be fine. I know you had a tough time. You had to face so many difficulties. But you have to be patient. Stay strong, okay? Keep faith in yourself. I'll keep praying for you. It's you who should not lose hope. What matters the most is how you deal with a situation. I am sure you will be wise in taking any step. You should consult your doctor and go for an alternative treatment. I am hopeful that it will work for you. Just keep your hopes high. Good luck to you.
This is so terrible. I can feel your pain. I know this is really hard for you. But there's nothing easy in this world too. You have to struggle for any happiness that you want. You have to strive for it. I know you have been waiting for so long. And waiting for something makes the situation worse. I can totally understand. But you don't have an option other than being patient. You have to stay strong. Things will be fine very soon. I know you'll deal with everything. Make sure to take a wise step. You have to fight for your happiness. You have to struggle for it. I am hopeful everything will be okay. Good luck to you!
I am so happy for you. That is amazing. You must be a beautiful family. Hope to hear more from your side. My best wishes are with you. Do keep us updated. Lots of prayers.

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The former post is 5 yrs old. So I'm praying the author has been currently 5 yrs prego) I just wanna say the following. In general, the symptoms of IVF pregnancy resemble the symptoms of natural pregnancy. But those with IVF may be more conscious to these side effects. Since they know they’re carrying a child from the beginning. And for most natural pregnancies, women don’t realize they’ve conceived for about a month. This sense of awareness may also cause anxiety and stress. Especially in those worried about maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Keep in mind that fertility medications, which are used to stimulate egg production before the IVF procedure, may also have side effects. And those in their turn can resemble pregnancy symptoms. These include headaches, abdominal pain, mood swings, bloating, and hot flashes. While these symptoms aren't usually cause for concern, they may rarely be a result of OHSS. This is an uncommon condition that occurs from excess egg production. One should visit a doctor if you experience severe weight gain, abdominal pain and swelling, nausea, shortness of breath, and dizziness. Just take good care of yourself and be attentive.
Cycles can be a little irregular, once you leave the pill. So, it's nothing to worry about. These things are quite common. It could still be a BFP! I really hope, for your sake, that it is! Best of luck for you! Keep us updated on how it goes!
Hello, Christine. It looks like there's a slight chance. That's all you need at times! I really hope you get a BFP! It would be absolutely amazing! Sending you baby dust and love. You can do this!
This looks promising, hun! All of those things are symptoms. How did it go? I really think this could've been it for you. I had the same exact symptoms when I got my BFP. Good luck and lots of love. Please update, I hope it happened.
Hello there. How are you? I can understand your excitement; this is awesome! But if it is doing nothing but making you more stressed, you need to relax and calm down. I know it is hard. But let this strength of yours benefit you rather than destroy you. Calm down and do something for yourself. Stay blessed!

Best wishes, World Center of Baby

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