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3 failed ivf, next step?? Lock Rss

Hello dear. I am very sorry for your great loss. It is very very tough to accept the situation. But I think you have to absolutely do some mistakes. Otherwise, no reason to fail the IVF three times. I am very shocked. I do not know what the matter. You should discuss with your doctor. So change things and will get a good response. I wish you good luck.
Hey dear, I am very sad for you. It is the very hard situation. I know it is very difficult for a mother. You have told a heartbreaking condition. I want to ask you something. What was the issue? Did you choose the best one clinic? Did you really take care of your health? Or you have ignored all the things. Need to think about. Good wishes to you.
hey there! I hope you are doing great. IVF is a great process. a lot of people go for it. it helps couples that are unable to have a baby of their own. and people having a hard time conceiving. it is a little painful but worth it. hope it goes well for you.
hi dear, I hope you are doing good. I know this must be hard for you. I am feeling sorry for you. I think you must try again with IVF. I hope that everything goes as planned. Be positive and never to lose hope.
That is why i didn't went for IVF. I went for surrogacy from a BioTexCom clinic. The clinic is very good in surrogacy services.
We had our twin daughters from that clinic. The clinic is very professional in surrogacy. Right after the legal documentation. Our surrogacy process started.
It was a quick success for us. I have a wonderful experience with the clinic.
The clinic is going to arrange an event. The event is going to take place in London.
On 18,19th of August the event is going to take place. There they will offer some seats for registrations too. There are limited seats only. So some one thinking of surrogacy should go there. They are the best clinic regarding surrogacy.
I'd rather say they are among three best European repro centers. Their huge success rates are really amazing. And they treat the toughest cases. I'm personally proud of this the most. 'Cause it's quite easy for a clinic to take one's money and perform ivf if that one's a ''mild'' case. What for taking complicated cases if there's 5%verdict of conceiving at all.. Biotex treats all the cases. Moreover they guarantee success. They guarantee a live birth or money refund which is incredible. Whilst doing our first researches on the clinics we've never happened to see sth like this. No guarantees --you pay money, get treatments. If no luck--go on with procedures and extra fees, or search for another one..But this is our of the question with biotex. They do care about their patients and about their results of treatments. I'm currently undergoing donor egg cycle with them. I'm not saying the process is the same like with surrogacy. But I'm sure things in both variants are organized just well. They're good communicators. And yep their open days in London is another way to talk openly to people seeking help. They are great by all means. Our dr is the loveliest person I happened to meet among med staff. She's the one who helped me get to donor eggs idea. And I'm so thankful to her. Our true rock of support. We 've already met other couple from Japan here. They are preparing for ET just like us. So we're almost in the same boat with the sweet lady. Me- a bit earlier, transfer planned on the 10th of August. So good luck needed.
Could you please share your surrogacy story with us. Things I'm interested in are: How many years ttc? Your dx? Previous treatments? How many rounds? When did you first start looking onto surrogacy? Countries on your list? Why Ukraine actually? How long did you wait for a surro for you? Any complications? How many shots did it take your surro to get prego? Any other thing one should be aware of? TIA
smart_mother wrote:
I simply needed to state that I COMPLETELY get it. I am so sad you are experiencing this. I recall you from a string prior to the year. I have experienced 4 IVF (3 new, one solidified), one D&C, and 2 hysteroscopies (clear) this year - also ALL of the immunologic testing - clear. My first IVF was really fruitful however I had an MMC at 10 wks. Hopped back in when my doc would let me, I figured it worked the first occasion when it will work once more. off-base. Since my unnatural birth cycle, I have had 2 bombed crisp, one fizzled solidified. 2 hysteroscopies - clear. Our analysis is likewise malefactor. My doc has additionally said he is stunned and disappointed that I am not pregnant yet and can't reveal to me what the issue is. He likewise says that "part of it is out of our control." I had been pestering him amid the fizzled cycles that possibly my covering isn't sufficiently thick as it was 11 with my BFP and 8-9 for my BFNs (he discloses to me anything over 7 is fine). It resembles wasting tons of effort. I'm sad, I have no guidance for you but to ensure you find a sense of contentment and alright with whatever choice you make. In the event that something doesn't appear to be right in your heart, at that point it isn't right. For the most part, I simply need you to realize that you are not the only one. I feel your outrage, misery, dread, and sadness. I have considered throwing in the towel, yet my heart won't let me. I am beginning my fifth round of IVF in fourteen days. I am frightened crazy of another BFN. In any case, I need to attempt. That is everything I can do. Cry, shout, holler, change docs - Do whatever you have to do to discover some snapshot of peace.

Hey, luv! How are you??
Firstly, I'm wishing you the best of luck in the world with your 5th cycle. Secondly, I wanna say you're very brave to go through this again and again. I've already passed 2 ivf rounds with own eggs. Both failed unfortunately. here's some of my background. I'm 37 yrs old, Feb Hsg done - dx: blocked tubes. Did surgery which led to right tube unblocked. tried Clomid iui#1 - bfp but chemical. Passed medicated cycles with monitoring - still no baby. Then did another lap surgery. I don't know why I was just scared to death that time. Dr told me it was 'cause hormones ''playing'' in my body. He reassured it'd help, but it didn't. We turned to ivf another clinic in the area. They said we were ''mild'' case, s probably there would be no problems at all and we'd get our baby soon. As I've mentioned above we passed 2 rounds with own eggs. ivf#1 ER 10 eggs, 6 fertilized - bfn. ivf#2 started bcp for 3 wks started lupron. Passed FET - beta confirmed pregnancy. Beta rising then extremelly falling down. I miscarried..Again switched the clinics. This time went abroad for donor egg cycle at Biotex. Our ET trasnfer is scheduled on the 10th of Aug. Right now I can't say how many rounds of this rollercoaster I can survive. Trying to find support from sweet people around. Though it's not easy in everyday life, 'cause just few truly understand the matter. Today I'm struggling even more than ever. I guess this is 'cause first ever egg donation and coming ET. Prayers needed. All my positive thoughts going your way, luv. Do keep updated. All the best xx
Hey. I hope you are fine. I'm sorry to hear about this. I know it gets tough. IVF is so expensive. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. You should get your eggs checked. If there's a problem with them and your uterus, it might be the reason IVF failed for you. I think surrogacy would be a better option here. It is risk-free. It has become so affordable nowadays. I know of a perfect clinic you could go to for your procedure. They are really helpful. They are super affordable too. You should check them out. Good luck.
Suansue14 wrote:
Your story made me cry. I'm so sorry you have to go through infertility. I know this is really hard for you to accept IVF failures and move on. I don't know if infertility can be accepted. I was born without a uterus. I was infertile for my whole life. But I still can't accept it. You just have to learn how to live with it. At least we have options. There are treatments which can help us to become mothers. Personally I chose surrogacy. Now I'm looking for fertility center which will help me to accomplish my dream. There are also such variants as de ivf and adoption. I hope you will find option which will suit you the most. I wish you best of luck!

I'm sorry for the situation you've found yourself in. Hope your joy is just around the corner, and you're doing super right having got the problem nailed and seeking help from the third part. I've just been through donor egg ivf cycle with the repro center abroad. Went there mainly for affordable prices but it turned out to be even more luck!! All their surrogacy packages are all-inclusive. Meaning they include: Accommodation. Meals. Medical procedures and medications. Medical and psychological examination of the surrogates. Payments to the surrogate. Transfers to and from the airport and the clinic. Donor eggs if needed – for no additional price!! Interpreter with you at the clinic on every visit. Legal help to obtain documents for the baby after it is born. Monthly ultrasound reports with pictures of your baby. English speaking coordinator who is considered to be your point of contact at the clinic. Moreover, all packages are paid in 5 intallments!! No need to pay the whole money sum at once. The last 2 installments are paid after the birth of your baby! Some of the packages include ''guaranteed refund''. meaning in case you fail 5 rounds in a row they refund ALL money paid back!
I just thought you might be interested in that sort of news while doing research on surrogacy. Please let me know if you want more details. Good luck!
Hazel Hathaway wrote:
Hey! How are you doing? Hope everything is great at your side. Infertility can be very heartbreaking. It never leaves your mind. You sleep and wake up with this heavy feeling. I can understand your situation, love. IVF is a very expensive method of conception. I had my first child through IUI after several failed attempts. Later due to some issues, I suffered from a hysterectomy and now I am unable to naturally give birth to a baby at all. I have been suggested to go for surrogacy because it is really effective and there higher chances of its success. I am hopeful with this method because the clinic in Europe I am going to is amazing. The doctors are really helping. I would recommend you to not waste further money and try surrogacy. My best wishes are with you!

I thought that it has to be 4 ivf cycles before you move on to surrogacy. but I guess it only applies to surrogacy in Ukraine. And it is definitely better to take care of your health and move to surrogacy rather than torture your body with stimulation protocols and stuff. Hope you are doing great!
The hardest is being alone through any infertility hell. That's why I'm so thankful we have boards like this with many lovely people here undergoing the same/similar process. We've been trying for a baby for years and years. Two years ago we started on clomid, got pregnant on cycle 2 but miscarried at 7 weeks . I needed medical management. Had more cycles but no luck. Started IVF. Was going well - lots of eggs, some viable embryos, one inm planted and 3 in the freezer. But then disaster struck and I got severe ovarian hyperstimulation. I was in hospital for a month and got very, very sick. It was terrifying. And at the end of it all I miscarried again, another one that had to be induced and it was particularly grim. I was off work for so long they decided to get rid off me..I was on the mend , just to add insult to injury, my hair was falling out in a big way as a result of being sick, miscarrying, all the hormones and the major weight loss due to being ill. I was hating the way I looked. My sis in law and another of my best friends announced their pregnancies then. I was surrounded by babies and pregnant ladies. It just seemed so easy for everyone else!! I felt so split down the middle each time a new pregnancy announcement was made ! Half of me was genuinely happy and excited and wanted to be involved. The other half was so sad and jealous and heart broken and simply didn't want to hear about any of it.
People here are so supportive and help as much as they can. My husband has always been amazing. I couldn't ask for any better. We did succeed with DE IVF finally abroad, at Bio Tex, but this entire path shouldn't have to be this difficult..No one deserves..
I know you have been through a lot. These are difficult times and believe me they will pass. People have been working in this regard and they have found surrogacy. It is a blessing and has changed the life of infertile people. I wish you all the best for the future and cool
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