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Paggie909 wrote:
I'm looking for surrogacy as i have no other options left of having a baby.
I had may complications while getting pregnant. I conceived for 3 times but had miscarriages.
Now i am going to be married at 43 years. At this age i'm sure i can't have a baby off my own.So i am going for surrogacy.
Every day while watching this kind of beautiful stories i think i should have all this one day.
Good Luck everyone.

I wish you all the best and I hope you won't lose hope no matter what.

Life is hope, life is beauty and inspiration.

I hope the process works out for you. Just make sure to visit the right clinic for the process. Everyone has emphasized a lot on this factor. This is because surrogacy involves a lot of legal work. This can only be done by a clinic that has a lot of experience. Good luck to you. I hope everything goes well. Sending baby dust your way.
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