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Hi there, How do you do? I am sorry about your MC. And congratulations for your marriage. A woman should become brave when she has there kind of issues. I am in the same situation. I am facing infertility. I am 28 years old. its 4th year of being married. My husband is very supportive of me. He always encourages me. He is a gift of God to me. He never makes me feel that I have any problem. But I desperately want a baby of my own. I do not want to go for adoption. In a sudden, One of my friends met me. She told me about her successful surrogacy story in Ukraine. After that, I and my husband decided to go for surrogacy.
Wish me luck. take care!
Hey. I am sorry you had to go through this. I am sure surrogacy will help. There are clinics in Ukraine. I hav heard they are amazing. be sure to try them out. Don't give up. Surrogacy can be really helpful too. At your age it will be hard to conceive. I am sorry. Good luck with surrogacy. Take care. And congratulations on the marriage.
I empathize with you on your loss. You have been through a lot. It is definitely difficult to bear such a loss. But you are a strong lady. I am glad to read your post. So, you are planning for surrogacy. It is indeed a great option. We also had surrogacy. Because I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Surrogacy was a true blessing for us. It was a great experience. I hope it goes well for you too. Love and wishes to you. Stay connected. More power to you. Lots of baby dust on your way.
Good evening Paggie909!! How are you? I hope it is going great for you. Good to know that you have chosen surrogacy. Surrogacy is an awesome choice. I can not let you how happy I was when I had my baby through surrogacy. And before that, I was devastated and heartbroken. I didn't know what to do next when I was told about my infertility. But all thanks to my DH and my close friend. My DH was so supportive through all this. And my close friend suggested us to visit this clinic in Ukraine. I am glad we listened to her.
I am sending lots of love and wishes to you. Hope to hear more from you. Baby dust on your way.
Hello. How are you doing? I'm glad you decided to tell us about that. It must have been very hard to deal with. Infertility is never easy for someone. Knowing you can't have a baby on your own kills you inside. I know because I've been through all that. But I'm glad I didn't give up. I stopped TTC. I started looking for other options. Had I given up, it would have still been in that awful place. Things have changed for me now. I have a one-year-old son. I can't thank god enough for this. I hope things go well for you.
Hi. Hope you are well. That is so terrible. I'm really sorry to hear about your MCs. I think you have made the right decision. Go for it. Hope everything goes well for you. Sending prayers.
Paggie909 wrote:
I'm looking for surrogacy as i have no other options left of having a baby.
I had may complications while getting pregnant. I conceived for 3 times but had miscarriages.
Now i am going to be married at 43 years. At this age i'm sure i can't have a baby off my own.So i am going for surrogacy.
Every day while watching this kind of beautiful stories i think i should have all this one day.
Good Luck everyone.

I wish you all the best. Surrogacy is a great option. It is pretty darn popular if you ask me. We are thinking of it as our next step if this ivf round is a failure. we will be proceeding with surrogacy oe. hopefully the agency of our choice (WCOB) will take us as their clients. because we do not want to pay more.
I am so sorry to hear about your infertility. Well, it is nice to hear that you are going for surrogacy to have a child. It is a safe option. My aunt also had blessed with a baby girl through surrogacy at the age of 46. I hope best for you. Take care. Stay blessed.
Using IVF isn’t the only case in our big family. Of course we studied a lot of information on it. But as for the possible child birth defects I hear at the first time. The point is that it may be so if a couple faces a genetic disorder. For example my husband’s step sister was at risk of passing on a genetic disorder to her child. So, they wanted to exclude all the possible risks and became the candidates for PGD – A procedure that involves IVF. After the eggs were harvested and fertilized, they were screened for certain genetic problems. Although it’s a common knowledge that not all genetic problems can be found. My husband’s step sister was born under lucky star. They said that embryos didn’t contain identified problems and could be transferred to the uterus. Now she is 5 months pregnant. For us IVF was financially, physically and emotionally draining. I didn’t care much about the complications, the only thing was important for me – our healthy newborn. This was great support from counselors. Also our family and friends helped us through the ups and downs of infertility treatment. God bless all of you!!
C_Lains wrote:
You might know we passed de ivf overseas to have our boy now.. What I wanna say is that every treatment step is challenging. For example, putting back 1 or 2 embies at time was also a difficult decision for us..Well, this all depends on possible risks I think. If having no health issues I want to take my chance of conceiving with twins, so what policy it should be! Women transfer two embryos just to boost their chances. And if you are OK and feel comfortable of having twins if it happens, so why not to try? Personally I was for transferring 2 embryos though that time I was already ripe age. I took it as for improving chances for the most part. Both embryos were implanted into uterus, but unfortunately one vanished after some time. But anyway I gave birth to a wonderful baby healthy baby. And feel sorrow I haven’t them both. Now we're sure we'll pass another ivf and are seriously thinking about coming back to our overseas clinic . We’ve got several treatment options. You might have heard about mitochondria donation --this is actually the thing we're considering to try out this time.. And if it's still possible and my health allows to do that I'll try with two embryos again, that's for granted! Won’t lose this opportunity anyway. Wish you all the best whatever your decision might be X

Hi, luv, I know your story. You've been extremelly active on board, god bless you, your posts are very informative. We did it with de. At that time me - 37 yo, diagnosed with POF. Dh - stage 3 colon cancer, affecting sperm count and quality. But his swimmers turned out to be worriors. And oe - on the contrary of no use. They told us we had to consider using donor eggs to have chances. Our ukrainian clinic had a database of more than 600 donors so that we could choose among them. Using de was included into the contract points so we didn't worry about where and how to get de. Also all the meds and needed services were covered by the package. And in the case of 5 failures we could get our money back. For more thoughts feel free to write pm. Take care and all the very best to you and your family.
Thank you for sharing your sister's story. It has truly motivated me. I believe it is great that procedures now exist that can help us fight through infertility. I myself am in the end days of the process. Really hoping for the best. It's so important not to lose hope while on the journey. Good luck to all. Sending baby dust.
Thank you for sharing your sister's story. It has truly motivated me. I believe it is great that procedures now exist that can help us fight through infertility. I myself am in the end days of the process. Really hoping for the best. It's so important not to lose hope while on the journey. Good luck to all. Sending baby dust.
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