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IVF failed Rss

Sarahsth28 wrote:
hey cathy sorry to hear about your friend loss. I totally understand the disappoint it accompanies. The failed cycles petrify you and the emotional torture is another thing. I have experienced three IVF cycles that failed miserably. Have you persuaded your forend to see an ER? Do you know the main cause of the failure? Mine was low AMH plus, low ovarian reserve. My chances of conceiving naturally are rare. So I had to choose another route. I have been told that the surrogacy is a new trend and efficient way to become a parent. IVF arent easy and also costly. If the next cycle fails then the money is wasted, therefore, once and for all pursue surrogacy. It is costly though but there are countries offering surrogacy packages at an economical cost.

Hello. How are you doing? Thank you for commenting here. We don't know the real cause behind the failure. It happens sometimes. Her doctor advised her to go for it again. Luckily it wasn't as expensive at the clinic we chose. So my friend went for it again. And she conceived the second time. I'm sorry to hear about your failures though. But I'm glad you didn't give up. Going with another alternate option was the right thing to do here, I agree. I'm glad you didn't waste much time and went for it. I hope things worked out for you. Much love.
The quality of a woman’s eggs is important in creating a healthy embryo. The reason for this is that the egg does most of the work in accepting the DNA from sperm. and facilitating the mix of genes resulting in the creation of an embryo. As maternal age advances, the percentage of chromosomally abnormal eggs increases. reducing the chance of creating a healthy embryo naturally. There is also growing evidence that low ovarian reserve is associated with poor egg quality. A past history of endometriosis and ovarian surgery may also reduce egg health and quantity. The investigations for egg health include an AMH blood test which is a measure of ovarian reserve. In the setting of IVF low AMH may be related to poorer pregnancy outcomes. Egg quality may also be assessed during the IVF process by observing the capacity of an embryo to grow to the blastocyst stage. Treatments to improve the health of eggs may include:
The increase in stimulating drugs to obtain more eggs;
Addition of androgens and growth hormone in patients who are de?ned as poor responders;
Use of PGS of embryos for selection of the healthiest embryo;
Egg donation may be an option to consider.
I personally used the latter option - donor eggs with IVF at bio texcom. Have nothing to regret about using them.
Hey, Cathy. I hope you're okay. I'm glad you created this post. While I am really sorry to hear about your friend's situation. It's good to read so many wonderful opinions. I suffer from the same issue. I had a failed IVF cycle, last month. These things are so tough to take. I hope she's in a good place. She deserves better luck. I'll be trying, again, definitely. I don't give up, easily! Here's to hoping she decides to give it another try. Sending her my prayers and lots of hope! What clinic are y'all at? I'd love to get in contact!
Cathymccartney098 wrote:
Hi guys. So my friends first IVF cycle failed. We don't understand why this happened. She has started another cycle. I really hope it works this time. She has lost all hopes. We need your prayers.

I'm sorry for your friend. She must be lucky to have you by side. Since it's egg quality, there might be 2 possible options for her now.
#1 Using donor egg. Because the goal of egg donation is to obtain multiple eggs in one cycle, your egg donor testing will include several blood tests, a gynecological exam and an ultrasound to evaluate ovarian reserve. Understanding ovaries’ ability to produce eggs is crusial. The timing of these tests is important. as some must be performed on specific days of menstrual cycle to accurately measure specific hormone levels and body’s response to them. On the third day of cycle, fertility specialist orders blood tests to measure blood levels of: Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). Estradiol (E2). Anti-müllerian hormone (AMH). Fertility specialist will also perform a vaginal ultrasound assessment to count pre-antral/antral ovarian follicles. If fewer than 10 follicles are seen, a woman may not qualify as a donor.
Biotex com clinic always requires its donors to be drug-free and healthy. So they will have either a blood or urine test to check for evidence of illicit drug use. Within 30 days of scheduled donation, additional blood tests will be ordered to test: Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). Prolactin. Complete blood count. Blood type. Rh factor. In accordance with requirements, blood work will also be ordered to check for sexually transmitted diseases, including: Chlamydia. Gonorrhea. Hepatitis B. Hepatitis C. HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). Syphilis.
Additional egg donor testing will be performed to rule out genetic disorders. These blood tests are particularly valuable for women who are curious about whether they may carry an inheritable disease or disorder.
All donors are genetically tested for the cystic fibrosis mutation. And tests for other diseases – such as sickle cell anemia, thalassemia or Tay-Sachs disease – may also be performed based on ethnicity or family history. A donor must be sure to mention any specific concerns about her family history to a fertility specialist. and be aware that women with a personal history of certain conditions are excluded from egg donor program. Among these are: Cleft palate. Spina bifida. Congenital heart malformation. Hip dislocation. Albinism. Hemophilia. Hemoglobin disorder. Hereditary hypercholesterolemia. Neurofibromatosis (NF). Tuberous sclerosis. Hereditary cancers.
Unfortunately, this way she'll lose the genetic relation to the baby. OR
#2. Try out a completely new method of mitochondria donation. To carry out such a procedure, an egg donor with a high functional activity of mitochondria, a patient, and sperm for in vitro fertilization are required. Healthy functionally active mitochondria are taken from a donor’s oocyte and integrated with the patient’s cells. Next, fertilization with sperm and transfer of a healthy embryo into the patient’s uterus is performed. Mitochondria donation is a unique assistive reproductive technology, which is basically the implantation of a healthy and functionally active donor mitochondria into the cells of an infertile patient, that provides the patient’s cell with the necessary energy and contributes to successful pregnancy. Mitochondrial DNA and Human DNA are different things. It only gives that necessary energy to the oocyst and helps with developing an embryo and make it stronger. DNA is in the core of the mitochondria, which are not used for donation. Therefore, genetically, mitochondria have no effect on the embryo!!
I hope she'll decide on what suits her better. Fingers crossed for the coming round successful. smile
We all hope it works out!
it is a common thing to fail your first ivf. do not worry. and tell that to your friend.
just remember that there is always a way!
Seems ''win-win'' packages are created to deal with such cases. For example this one - Guaranteed success package 9.900 euros at bio tex com includes the following services:
5 embryo transfers. In case of 5 negatives they refund the money paid. Medical treatment. They’re working according to the leading treatment plans, proved being efficient, which that allows them not to have an age limit for egg donation programs. Medications needed before transfer and 3 months after. Egg donor fee (bio tex com donor base contains more than 500 young and attractive women with proven fertility, meaning that every donor has at least one healthy child of her own). Sperm donor (if needed). Pregnancy monitoring till 12th week. Embryo reduction (if needed). Services of the coordinator in charge of the program. Accommodation. Meals. Transfer from/to the airport and from/to the clinic.
Thus this package doesn't include TESA, TESE. One may look for more packages available on the clinic's web-site. It's possible to find the package there which suits one the best.
Hope your friend keeps on moving. Do update soon.
I'm in the same boat. But here's what I wanna say. I started researching into IVF on YouTube years ago. And I have to say your videos are the very best I've come across in terms of how detailed the information was! Thanks again, ladies, for sharing your stories. I believe this helps others to get some inner strength or the tiniest hope things are going to be ok. I would appreciate if you could also write the names of all the people you've mentioned who helped you. We;re currently working with Dr Elena Mozgovaya, who's absolutely awesome to us and I believe for others. I am so happy for those who've had luck with fertility treatments. And hope for those who're still in the process. updates about how the pregnancies are going for IVF ladies are really inspiring. Also ask your doctors about taking coq10. Because that is one supp everyone seems to agree on. There are many other supplements that can help too that you should research. Melatonin, L-carnitine, royal jelly, wheatgrass, low dose aspirin, DHEA, B-12, etc. Hoping for you, ladies. You can do it, lovelies, JUST DO IT!!
PamSmith26 wrote:
Hey, Cathy. I hope you're okay. I'm glad you created this post. While I am really sorry to hear about your friend's situation. It's good to read so many wonderful opinions. I suffer from the same issue. I had a failed IVF cycle, last month. These things are so tough to take. I hope she's in a good place. She deserves better luck. I'll be trying, again, definitely. I don't give up, easily! Here's to hoping she decides to give it another try. Sending her my prayers and lots of hope! What clinic are y'all at? I'd love to get in contact!

Hi dear smile We're currently taking mitochondria donation +IVF route at Biotexcom. This time around, I am taking a prenatal, coq10, baby aspirin and L-carnitine (powdered form in juice) for my egg health. Coq10 especially is universally recommended for egg health and I take it in powdered form because it is cheaper and can be mixed with food. I like baby aspirin because it really does improve blood flow to reproductive organs. I think Maca is more for regulating cycles rather than improving egg health. But it can't hurt either way. Royal jelly I believe is good for it's high b-vitamin content if you believe that is an issues. Our Dr Elena Mozgovaya is amazing. Am just happy to have met he, though in this very case..Anyway, we trust the place more than the previous ones. Like they've known us for years! At least feels like this. We're glad how the process is going on for us now here.
Babydust to all!
I hope you and your friend are doing well. Awful news to find out, this. I feel like hugging your friend. I'd like to instill some belief! I have a friend who had a successful IVF process. It worked out for her, on her fourth attempt. She's really happy like you'd expect her to be. The reason I'm telling you this is because she had 2 miscarriages before she opted for IVF. I've had awful luck with TTC, too. IVF is a complicated process. A lot of time it doesn't work. However, don't lose hope and keep the faith. It'll happen for you, I'm sure! You can do this.
Oh, no! She must be quite sad! It's fine, though. You need to be really lucky for it to work on the initial attempts. It's really important that she keeps trying. It will happen, I'm sure! Good luck to her. She needs all the support she can get, at the moment!
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