Wishing you all the very best of luck and support on your way!!
When we embarked on infertility treatment, we decided not to tell family and friends. And for a long time we didn’t tell anyone else. We thought, this is all going to work out, and then there will be a baby and we don’t need to tell anyone how it all happened. So there was all this pain and anxiety and sadness in our lives. But we weren’t sharing it. People always get interested with one's problems to have a nice chat in the evening, telling 'have you heard, they can't conceive a baby?' That's tough and unfair and more devastating when it sounds among friends and family.
Sometimes it seemed like the whole world was getting prego except you!! I remember a girl once feeling a strong urgency to tell the world she got prego by mistake and she regreted, and was looking for advice how to stop it, so on..I thought I would go mad - all this happening around while we, both desperate for babies were about to start ivf rounds!! - This is far too unfair, but this is how life works. One can get prego with a cough, and another one struggles for long years, suffers pains, goes mad about failures etc.
Our last de ivf shot brought us long awaited success. We're currently nursing our tiny miracle.