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Implant bleed or ovulation bleed? Lock Rss

Hiya just after some ideas while I wait to make a Dr apt for next week. My last 3 cycles have been 25 days, 21 days and 24 days. Last week I forgot to take one of my contraceptive pills (am on the mini-pill). This week (so day 13 of my cycle) I had a day of brown spotting. I can't quite figure out if it is more likely to be ovulation bleed or implant bleed, as I've never had ov bleeding before but it seemed really early to be an implant bleed. if AF doesn't arrive next week I'll make a Dr apt, but just wanted to see if anyone else had had a similar experience. Thanks smile
Well, it could be implantation bleeding, you can take a test after 10 days of the missed period. This would give you better results. And yeah, if you have a light pink color of bleeding then you may have ovulation bleeding. It occurs 10-16 days before the AF. The slippery CM accompanied with the spotting indicated ovulation. The brown spotting would be indicating, implantation bleeding. This type of bleeding is on and off, unlike AF bleeding. The menstrual bleeding gets heavier the other day while the implantation causes spotting. So I am guessing it is an implantation bleeding. Hopefully;). If the tests come negative and you still experiencing the spotting then I advise you see a doctor for the diagnosis.
Thanks very much for your reply smile Am flip-flopping in my head about whether I think it could be implant or ov bleed last week haha. Have had weird feeling in my lower belly off & on over the last few days as well, kinda crampy or "full" feeling.

going on a shorter cycle length, I should be due AF any day now, so trying not to drive myself crazy with the waiting. I need to go to the Dr anyway, so will organise that for the tag end of this week/early next week. Will wait and see whether it is for a contraceptive prescription renewal or a pregnancy confirmation wink haha. yikes.
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