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surrogacy 45+ Rss

HI!Sorry to know that your TTC is not working.I can understand your position because of my friend who is of 45 and faced problems in TTC.It is a really painful thing.But then she moved to surrogacy and got a daughter.As a mother, I can understand your dream of a baby.I suggest you think about surrogacy.It is not too much time taking.It is a secure way of getting a baby.It is better than any method.You can get a baby of your own eggs and your husband sperm.So do not waste any more time and go for it.My best wishes are with you.Take care.God bless you
Well, you did the right thing. Health is more important. Surrogacy can indeed help you. You will hopefully get your child. A child which will be genetically yours. Now the thing is you are right about eggs. I suggest you contact a good clinic. Clinics in Europe are great. They will connect you with a surrogate ASAP. I went for surrogacy too. I was connected with the mother in 3 months.I assume that much time is acceptable.The clinic was great. The doctor was very friendly too. They guided me through everything. Good luck to you too hun.
I am so sad for what you have experienced. Unsuccessful labours are difficult to adapt to. I know your torment it would be extremely hard for you.My friend had the miscarriage and from that point forward, she was not able to conceive. Miscarriage left her infertile and that was absolutely terrible. She was so disturbed on the grounds that She needed to end up a mother. She needed to feel the pregnancy. she was disturbed yet didn't lose trust. She then chose to go for surrogacy. He likewise needed children severely. We didn't confront any trouble in hunting down a surrogate. The facility gave us a sound surrogate.She is today a cheerful mother. She is happy to the point. I hope this would help you all too.
hey there!! I am really sorry for you. I can really understand the problem you are going through. every woman wants to have her own family. but it is not in one's own hand. there are many countries in the world offering this service. just go through to the internet and search for clinics. you will find your best. good luck to you. virtual hugs to you.
Girls thank you so much for support! I'll consider your advices. It's so nice to talk to someone who is at the same boat. We've been TTC for so long... To be honest I'm exhausted. I want my surrogacy journey to start as soon as possible. I'm tired of waiting and hope for nothing. I believe surrogacy will give us a chance to live happily. I decided to concentrate on European clinics. They have pretty reasonable prices. USA prices so high I doubt we can afford to have surrogacy there. I hope I'll find something during September. Don't want to waste time any more.
Hello everyone who is reading my thread! I wasn't active for a while... I haven't done any research on surrogacy during more than a week... It makes me so angry at myself that I'm wasting time, but... There is a reason for my inaction. I don't want to whine and complain. I know that doing those things is just a waste of time. But I feel like I need to talk to someone. It feels like the whole world is against our intention to have a baby. Last week I met my old friend. We studied in college together. We met in a local supermarket. She was with her kids, 9 and 2 yo. Of course she started to ask about my kids and I told her I don't have one. And she was like "OH REALLY?" She was looking at me like I'm crazy person. The only thing I wanted to do at that moment is to disappear. I wanted to explain myself and I don't know how this happened but I told her that we are planning to have surrogacy. Usually I don't tell about it and only the closest people know about it. And what do you think she told me? "Oh honey, don't be stupid. It's too late for you. Just let it go." And she was stupidly smiling and she had that dumb smirk on her face as if she knows everything about me and can tell me what I have to do with my life. Not only I was mad at her, but I was mad at myself. Why? Why have I told that bitch about surrogacy? Why I even care what she thinks? I have so many thoughts in my head now! I'm so angry! Why do I care what someone who means nothing for me thinks about my choices? And I'm just sitting here, doubting my intentions to have surrogacy. What if she's right? What if it's too late for us? I hate this.
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