I am now on cd36... i usually have a regular 29-30 day cycle. I thought O was between cd 14 and 17 but i am new to opks so i could have been wrong. I have been feeling "wet" down there since cd 27, lots of discharge, a couple of times i thought af had come but hadnt. On cd30 i had lots of ewcm (also the day before) but at one point when i wiped the ewcm was tinged with blood. That is the only time i have spotted/seen blood still. I then had ewcm every day until today (cd36) when it is just watery cm. Im also very nauseous (same as when pregnant with #1). I had blood taken for hcg test on cd 31 and results came back with hcg level of 2 but she said not pregnant? I also did a hpt test on cd33 because i was impatient and it was bfn. Cant test again until tomorrow so i guess im just here to see if anyone had something similar and what was the outcome? Im trying not to get my hopes up but i feel like im going crazy! Sorry for such a long post, just wanted to give you all the info smile thanks in advance for any responses xx