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still confused still stressed Lock Rss

well! this is life! so many things happen in life that we never considered.
and most women never consider of reaching either being at 25's with no children.
even I was one of the women who never thought of being at this stage.
neither being on these forums.
when that's totally your call. about what path you want to walk on.
all the procedures are for good. either of IVF or surrogacy.
though IVF has multiple cycles. If one failed they would attempt for the other one.
and if you are good to conceive that this would be preferable to you.
In either case, surrogacy allows the other one to carry a baby for you.
so both the cases are equally preferable and have proved to be successful much.
you just have to trust on the treatments and though these are expensive might look for the places or clinics that offer you valuable cost.
good luck
You sound so done with life. I can feel depression in your tone. I know it is difficult. You need to realize that it this a time. It will eventually pass. You will get happier times too. Now, I am sorry to read your story. I think you should talk to a professional. They can guide you better on what to do. They will examine you first. Then they will figure out the issue. IVF or surrogacy will then be advised. If you can carry a baby then they will advise you IVF. If it is not possible then Sirogaccy will be the best alternative.
HEY there! I believe you are well. Infertility is not your fault if you are. You can always get over it. There are treatments who could help you have a child. The most recent I know is the one in Europe. Their services are great and they have a decent price. Must visit them hope they happen to help you.Good luck!
sophia_carlos wrote:
Additionally, lady if you want to go for IVF, then start practice from this day. IVF is a technical process and requires a healthy body. Chemical pregnancy sometimes proves harmful for both mother and child. Success rates are very low but you can give birth to your child yourself if you get success. Otherwise, involving surrogate mother is appreciated. Thanks!

Would like to say a word for. Keeping fit is vital for treatments. Whilst undergoing them our bodies are ovewhelmed with stress and medications so we need them healthy and fit to boost chances. Here's what I found recently. Thought it's useful to consider. Exercise plays an important role in fertility, specifically, over-exercise. Studies show that women who reported regular exercise had a similar live birth rate compared to women who did not exercise. However, women who exercised four or more hours per week for 1-9 years were 40% less likely to have a live birth! Also three times more likely to experience cycle cancellation. And twice as likely to have an implantation failure or pregnancy loss compared to women who did not report exercise. However, compared to women who did not exercise, women who exercised regularly for 1-5 years were at greater risk for failure of cycle stimulation, implantation failure, and failure to develop a live birth after a chemical pregnancy!! I was really estonished to read this myself! As it might sound not logic. We all think keeping physically fit is great. And it is but for appropriate extent! Thankfully the negatives can be easily prevented though with the incorporation of active recovery into training and the gradual varying of intensity and volume of training. One should be aware of a good dr's guidance whilst training.
Loretttas20 wrote:
I’m so sorry you faced infertility. Everyone around is getting pregnant and I feel so sad. No, I'm really happy for my friends! I just can't understand why I can't get pregnant. We were ttc for 8 years. The result was 3 miscarriages. That was really hard times for our family. And my friends are getting pregnant so easily!!! And some of them ask "kids are such a blessing! what are you waiting for? don't you want to have children?" I wanna scream after such questions! I wanna literally punch them in their faces! I will never ever ask any woman such things.
We are currently in surrogacy program. So I really hope things will become better soon. I wish you to become mom asap and finally become the happiest woman in the world!

I do feel every nerve in my body with your mentioned 'Why don't you want to have kids?' !!!! I've used to hear this seems thousands of times. From close relatives and friends. From coliques at work whom I started hating for that. I know people are just like they are. Some are sensitive, others not. Some pretending being inderstanding, others just are. I'm so tired of all those discussins people lead behind my back. (As if they know better how to cope with infertility!!) I'm really stressed people judge us having no idea how it really feels. This is so rude and unfair! Once I even regreted we were this open about our problems. But we've never thought people could be that cruel!
I do understand every emotion you're feeling, hun. I know it hurts. And for those unkind to us - WE DO WANT our kids and the more the better. And think twice before judging us as one never knows who'll face infertility next!
Be strong, lovelies, hugs xx
Linda675 wrote:
Hey, I am so sorry. I can't blame you. It isn't in our control. Feeling like this is normal in such a bad situation. I would suggest you go for IVF. It's better to keep trying than giving up. Things might turn out good for you.

Definitely! It's always worth keep on trying. We're going egg donation route now. This is an absolutely new experience for us, I mean being away from home and family which is not very supportive unfortunately. They still don't see the benefits of using overseas clinic, though there are so many of them I've been tired to explain this to them! This is getting onto my nerves frankly. How can we gain this family members' support?! And their understanding we're going through tough times we've never expected or even thought about before! Gosh that's unfair! This is not our fault we can't conceive naturally. But I still feel that my mom in law blames me. Moreover she tries to influence my dh who's a rock of support. Too many obstacles to go through! Sometimes I feel I'm not strong enough to face bravely! Lovelies, I don't know what's this. Some steam off or just bab day. Or just a vent and tomorrow I'll feel much better. I wish people were more sensitive to us struggling infertility. Now, here's what we have. Me - after 18 months ttc left 36 yo with POF, low amh and ONE ovary only. Dh - absolutely ok, but struggling emotionally with the stress around. First consultation predicting quite high success rate for our case. 2 donor candidates chosen from the clinic's database. I'm sure we're on the right track. Wish me good luck, honeys, and all the best for you too. So nice to have this thread with you!
Hey. I would Suggest you go for Surrogacy. I had several attempts of IVF but ha no luck with it. I also had gone through IUI but no luck with IUI too. I have been trying to TTC from last 10 year but I don't have any luck with it. I went to many doctors for a checkup. They can't tell why I'm unable to conceive. I don't know the reason for my infertility. I tried many other methods like IUI and IVF but there was no luck with them too. Soi gave up. Then a friend of mine told me about surrogacy. I found surrogacy to be a good solution to my problem. I have contracted some clinics about surrogacy. I went to Europe for the Suggested Clinic. They provided us a Sound Surrogate. We have a baby now. I am enjoying my motherhood just because of Surrogacy.
Hey there, hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear about your condition. Infertility is really painful. IT can't be cured with medicines. Because of infertility many are suffering from mentally and physically. Dear you need to calm down. First don't take tension. there are other options for you. You should have to go for surrogacy. We are in the same boat. I am also an infertile. My husband and i decided to go for surrogacy. He chose lotus clinic for the treatment. I contacted them via email to know about the success rate and packages. But they didn't response me . It was my first time to contact to any clinic. I was really disappointed with their customer service.
Hello there. How are you? I hope you are doing well. Sorry to hear about your condition. Infertility is really painful. IT can't be cured with medicines. Take care.
Dear Linda! Hope you are doing well. I'm really sorry about your bad experienced. You really need to move on and discover a new option. I can understand you facing a very tough time. A few years back, I've faced the same situation. Wrong! I'm going to lotus clinic. I have very bad experienced to lotus clinic. The clinical condition very bad. The doctor dealing with patients very rudely. They have a very bad management. I'm so depressed by this clinic. Then finally, I moved to the clinic. Hope you researched properly. The clinic you choose, research about them. Check the doctors years of experience and the clinic's success rate. I hope you have all the support. Good luck.
Hey Linda! I feel really sorry about what you have been through. It is not easy at all. See there is nothing that we can do to reverse this infertility. What we can do is to work in order to cure it. The treatments are available in order to help us reach the possibility of becoming parents or even conceiving. You need to give IVF or surrogacy a thought. Moreover, I have a good news for you. Biotexcom is an amazing clinic in term of infertility. They are hosting their event in the ton. They are also hosting the counseling sessions that are free for any couple to go and get the guidance from. You need to see them. Trust me they will clear many doubts from your mind.
I know it's life taking for any individual. You are right it would be stressful for anyone. Infertility is getting common day by day. You can't deny the fact that every sixth couple is facing such issues. Get relax and keep calm dear. You are not alone in this journey. I think it's time to join hands against infertility. With the advancement of science, everything gets possible. Conceiving a baby is not a big issue now. Surrogacy and IVF are beneficial in this regard. Both treatments are good but IVF is not suitable in every case. I know about a clinic in Eastern Europe providing surrogacy treatment with higher success rates. They are even providing a guarantee for the success. So it eliminates the fear of failure. If you want to defeat infertility, you can contact them. May everyone gets their desire!
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