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Hey lovely ladies. I hope you're doing well. So, I wanted to update you all on my situation. I recently had a miscarriage, of which I talked about with you people. I was very upset. But then I was strong enough to accept the reality. I ain't capable of carrying a baby. And unexplained infertility makes me more depressed. So, I and my DH have finally decided to go for surrogacy. I wish it turns out to be amazing. I wish we become parents very soon. I have so many expectations now. We have heard many positive reviews about the clinic we chose. Fingers crossed! Prayers are needed.
Surrogacy is a blessing for women like us.Keeping in veiw the previous pregnancy complications and resulted miscarriages i'm not thinking of getting pregnant again.
So i searched the other methods of getting a baby.
I found that surrogacy is the best available solution of my dream of having a baby.
Regarding surrogacy i contacted a number of clinics.
The clinics feedback and reviews make me satisfied and i'm ready for surrogacy option now.
The clinic said that they will provide a perfect surrogate mother for my baby and she'll keep my baby in her womb for 9 months.
At the age of 43 i guess it is not suitable for me to be pregnant again.
Now this is my second marrriage.
Everytime i was pregnant i had many issues like miscarriage and conceiveing issues.
I conceived three times successfully but always resulted in miscarriage.
Getting pregnant was not a easy one for me.
I had many complications while getting pregnant.
Now i'm taking reviews of women who are raising baby from surrogacy.
If anyone here is raising a baby from surrogacy please share your experience with me and other people too.
Thanks in advance.
Hi, hun! I'm sorry for what you are through. As you can see from all these posts you are in good company and will find plenty of support here.
Infertility struggles consumed us for yrs. Though I already have a 2,7 yo kid conceived naturally the wish to have another one is stronger every other day. We've been ttc for 18 months with no luck. I've already tried changes in lifestyle, doing sports, supplements and acupuncture. But this isn't working. I'm fed up with all 'ifs' we might face on the way. Thankfully dh is a rock of support - he's the one to keep me sane.
Soon we'll be going the ivf route. We're likely to use donor egg. But I'm sure biology means nothing to me now...Now it's all about MY child...
I'm glad you've made steps forward, hun. May your way be smooth and comfortable. Hugs!
Hey! great news. Go for this Lady!
Good vibes to you.
even I am much encouraged because each day I am coming across to so many great and positive news.
this procedure is actually doing miracles.
Great to see so many individuals getting their life back to normal and satisfied.
and I believe that fertility clinic has been the greatest reason for this success.
they have made individuals believe that there is nothing but the good.
Good luck.
hello dear, miscarriages are really very heartbreaking. I felt deep grief to learn about your loss. Well, its a part of life and all you can do is to carry on moving with it. Good to know that you have taken some wise decision. Surrogacy is really a blessing of science. But can you please mention the clinic name? so that I may get some idea. thanks!
I'm so sad for you. I faced three miscarriages. Then, I decided to go for surrogacy. Much thanks to you for sharing your story with us. I'm sure that it will give hope to many ladies. This story will make everybody keep on attempting TTC. We shouldn't sit around idly. Sometimes, it feels really hard to get out of it. All we need is to simply sit and wait for the right moment. We are considering a very well-reputed clinic. Our SM is pregnant and we'll go for our first ultrasound check. I'm so refreshed! Really, waiting for my infant to come. I can't believe that we'll have our child in a couple of weeks. I want you to enjoy all the pleasures of life.
Loads of love and prayers your way hun. I hope this works for you. Miscarriages are really hard. I know that. You're really strong to accept it. Just ensure all the paperwork is done. Keep us updated on the journey too. Would love to hear back from you.
Omg, that's a great news! Good decision, girl. I hope you find your happiness. I have had it, too. I was diagnosed with endo. It was the worst thing ever. First, it made my daily routine hell. Then, it made TTC impossible. God, I swear even remembering that time is torture! I'm so glad I got past it. We had a hysterectomy. Thankfully, the endo pains have gone now. We had surrogacy to have our baby then. She is such a cutie, though. Good luck with yours, too, hun!
Hi dear, premature deliveries are extremely exceptionally tragic. I felt profound anguish to find out about your misfortune. All things considered, its a piece of life and everything you can do is to bear on moving with it. Great to realize that you have taken some insightful choice. Surrogacy is extremely a gift of science. Be that as it may, would you be able to please say the facility name? with the goal that I may get some thought. much obliged!
Hi, ladies! I'm waiting impatiently for the updates too. Will post also mine. As you probably know we're undergoing treatment with Ukrainian clinic. We've already had the first consultation. Have only positive experience. A nice place to be in. People seem busy all the time. This is yet another another thing with this country -lol. If you're told to wait for 10 mins it easily turns into half an hour) Thankfully we've already been used to, so had nothing wrong with waiting longer with clinic's comfort. We were also surprised how clean everything was. Almost shiny which was quite unexpectedly with all those lines! Our dr is a pleasant understanding woman highly respected at the place. We've read a lot they treat the toughest cases which is crusial. There are no age limits for their patients just the health ones. (Which definiely shows they are sure they can cope). We saw all modern facilities, nothing out of date - which means NOTHING. They seem to invest big money into their clients' comfort whilst undergoing treatments. Also we were amazed to see their all inclusive plans but for real. (As you never know about the hidden issues unless you come to the place - with Biotex we had none of them!) We read attentively the contract and felt free to ask for explanations. Our manager was great! We had no language barrier while talking with the stuff (surprisingly for no additional price!). So on the date dh and I underwent the required tests. These were blood tests for both, pap smear and sperm count. Dr studied our medical records. She performed transvaginal ultrasound check and evaluated our chances. She made the decision that the program could be performed and authorized. We signed the agreements and made the first payment. Then dr explained us the treatment plan. She gave us the meds needed for the subsequent protocol ( Their cost is covered by the package price) and soon we were free. We had the opportunity to go sightseeing with our 'driver-guide' lol who was also super! I hope this is the nice beginning of our journey.
Ladies, would love to hear how the things are going for you..Wishing the best!!
Nice to hear your good news, Loretttas20.
We are lucky to have all those options nowadays. We're currently using donor egg with ivf. Dh and I aren't spring chickens, but decided to give it a try. They say I'm healthy enough for pregnancy. Moreover we're considering transferring 2 blasts at a time..
Wishing the best with your sm's scan. May your lo be strong and healthy x
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