Deonnaathans wrote:
Hi, I am wanting to get pregnant, but I don't know if it is too soon. I seem to be having some pregnancy symptoms with no period a month later from having my implant removed but I don't know if it means that i could be in the stages of early pregnancy since I took a pregnancy test about 4 days or so ago and it was negative. I have too pee a lot during the day, have sensitive nipples (although that is the only sensitive part of my breasts currently), random cramps on the sides of my stomach which never happens, and a clear discharge which is slightly unusual as well, as well as exhaustion more than when the implant was in. and I haven't had a period since two days after the implant came out. I'm worried because I haven't had birth control before nor any children so I don't know what it means. If anyone could help me that would be wonderful

Hi, honey! I'm sure you'll succeed soon. Here are a couple of things to remember. Ovulation is not an exact science! It can occur earlier, later or not at all in any given cycle. Even normally fertile women have the occasional anovulatory period. Do not go down the route of timed intercourse. It can do more harm than good within a relationship. Make love when you both feel like it and not just when you think it's ovulation time. Position is immaterial. No position is shown to increase conception over another! Do not use temp charting or OPK's at all in the event that your cycle is consistently irregular. A normal cycle is a cycle length of between 21 and 35 days. (Or if there is less than 4 days of variation from month to month.)
If periods are consistently irregular and or painful in nature - get this checked out with your dr. If the nature of your periods changes over time - get this investigated too. Finally, if you have been ttc for a year without success you should seek medical help. Stay calm, hun, try to make some natural improvements to the ttc. At least they won't do any harm. Take care!