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Please help! Late period! Freaking out! Lock Rss

Hello! I had unprotected sex on the 31st of December, but he did not come inside of me. My period was supposed to come on the 21st of January, but it did not so we had sex on the 23rd and 24th of January. I took a test on the 29th of January and it came out negative. My boobs have been hurting for a while, maybe a week and a half, sometimes more and sometimes less. I also did a lot of exercices on the first two weeks of January. What are the chances of me being pregnant? Please answer!
Hey, this could be entirely due to stress, there is a huge psychological factor in all this. You are not alone through a lot of women feel the same way after sex, and if you are sure there was no ejaculation then I don't believe you are pregnant. Also, you got a negative so I don't think you need to worry. If you really want to be sure about it try taking more tests and see whether they come out as negative as well. Take care.
Alma, I agree with Linda about the stress part. However, my partner and I never used precautions as I was told it would be very hard for me to have children. In saying so, he never came inside me either. But simply removing himself before that does happen not always mean your safe. Have you head of pre-come. All men do it and those little swimmers can reach their mark. Thus is how my daughter came to be.
Your question was posted a week about, I do hope you have your answer by now. But if your still waiting to figure it all out, ask your doctor for a blood test. It's easy enough and an answer comes the next day.
Good luck sweety.
Your period might be late due to stress. This happens sometimes. And the symptoms you mentioned also occur during PMS. You should be worried. Relax a little. I hope you get it soon. If you don't get it for another week, do take a test.
C_Lains is completely right! Stress affects our fertility. You can learn more about first pregnancy symptoms in this article . However, you'd better make an appointment with a doctor who'll help you find out the real reason for your late periods.
It depends on your menstrual cycle. The usual cycle is 28 days, which makes ovulation ( fertile window) day 14–15 ( keeping in mind that day 1 of your period is day one of your cycle) So say your cycle is 34 days you divide it by 2, and the ovulation date would be about 17 -18. Just remember that sperm can stay alive inside you for 2 - 3 days meaning you can still get pregnant 3 days before ovulation. Also suggest you to check this site -
It all depends on what state you were in. If your boyfriend used Viagra, then the chances of getting pregnant are less. Recently, my husband bought Viagra (here and we had sex without a condom all night. In the end, I did not get pregnant
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