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cycle day 36 no period. neg blood test Lock Rss

Hi Ladies. This is my first post and its gonna be full of TMI! Appreciate anyone who doesn't mind reading my story and sharing experiences!

I have been off BC since may 2017 but only actively started TTC this month. Since August 2017 i have been monitoring my CP & CM to track my fertile weeks but haven't gone as deep as using OPK's yet. My cycles have been regular as clockwork since they first started and are around 28/29 days. I've been a day or two early occasionally but NEVER late!
The first day of my last period was 21/12. We had sex everyday from CD 13 through to CD 23 smile During which time i had ewcm and CP was high and soft. No idea which day I ovulated though if at all.
On cycle day 24 i noticed my breasts were not yet tender as usual and experienced brown watery discharge when I wiped. over the next two days a few incidents of very light pretty pink watery mucus (but only noticed because i was poking around up there checking CP!) . My period never starts with spotting, it just starts with a full red flow always. For the following few days nothing, except very very light cramping, nothing like my usual menstrual pains. more a light pinching feeling to one side only. My CP has remained high and soft ever since fertile week though usually it drops low and hard after.
On cycle day 30 still no sign of my period. no tender breasts no backache no normal craming CP still high/soft. But i was exeriencing dizziness. so much so that i had a fall while getting out of my car and broke my hand! at the hospital they wanted an xray so i told them i was a little late for my period and had been ttc. Ran a blood test. BFN. they were also concerned for my elevated heart rate while resting. not something i've ever experienced before.after a full blood work up and 2 ECGs for my heart rate no abnormalities were found.
This week i cant stand to drink tea or coffee. I'm normally a big tea drinker. still feeing generally lightheaded all day with dizzier spells when i get up from sitting. I'm exhausted enough to have taken 2 lunch time naps in my car this week even after waking from full 7-8 hours sleep, i'm so sleepy on my drive to work and feel like i cant make it through the day.
My boobs normally start to hurt about 5 days before my period, and the soreness increases over that 5 days until flow starts. but i have had no breast tenderness at all until i woke up yesterday. but its not like normal breast tenderness, its more intense and only really around my nipples, not the whole breast and they dont feel swollen like normal! Then I noticed globs of phlegm like CM for 2 days, honestly it looked like a massive booger, never seen this stiff before!!!
Did another blood test yesterday and got another negative with HcG m going crazy because my body is doing really weird things and wondering if anyone has experienced this kind of situation and what was the outcome?! Is it possible to have Hcg lower than 5 and still be in the first few weeks of pregnancy? Any suggestions appreciated!! smile

Hey there!
You should see a doc. Get a scan done. As soon as possible. Rule out ectopic pregnancy. Listen, it's always better to be on the safe side. Get an appointment set. Talk to your doc in detail. You should not ignore such symptoms. I hope nothing is wrong. It'll be better if you make sure though.
I wish you good health! All the best!
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