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Clomid? Lock Rss

(Approx 10dpo )

Very very faint positive on test!!

Will test again in a couple days / but am quietly confident (for the first time ever!!)
Cried when I saw it!!

This was our first clomid cycle after TTC for over 12mths
Wow oh wow!! Amazing fingers crossed for you xx
Dark BFP.
Had blood test day before AF due (yesterday) and reading was 207
Which is good.
Another blood test in a week to check hcg keeps rising.
Feeling positive and so over the moon Clomid worked for us!!
Baby dust to all
Ohhh will be thinking of you!! Good luck for your next bloods sounding positive!!!
After bloods at 209 (hcg)
7 days later - 6009
7 days later - 38,468
And next week I have scan . Will be just on 7 weeks pregnant then.
wow oh wow!! good luck for your scan! such exciting times for you!
Last update smile
Had 7 week scan.
One little peanut. All looking good.

Clomid was our dream come true. First round. Good luck and baby dust to you!
congrats again Serah2918!! and good luck!!

My update
Still waiting on my appointment at the hospital but have been to acupuncture and after a few months its worked and I have my cycle!! so spread the fairy dust and fingers crossed for me this month!!
Girls, if someone is relevant, my neighbor was assigned Clomid. She buys online at a pharmacy without a prescription, she likes everything wink Site:
or you can buy through the app on android:
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