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9 weeks into a new job, and 8 weeks pregnant! Lock Rss

Hi! Just after some advice! I'm 10 weeks into a new job with a 12 month fixed term con tract (ironically mat leave contract!) and I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant. I feel bad not saying anything to work as my job involves a ton of training, but don't want to lose my Job in the 90 day trial period. I guess I'm asking what you would do in my situation, tell them and hope they don't get rid of me, or wait until my 90 day trial is over?? Thanks in advance
Your contract is 12 months and you already 8 weeks pregnant. I think, its better for you tell them the truth. But its my opinion, decision is only yours that what you want to do

Your not obliged to tell them anything and bear in mind a business will nearly always look after their own interests. It is still early on your pregnancy so their is no need to rush this decision. I was I the same position and my employers were really good about it. Just remember that you were the best person for the job at the time you applied. They cannot do anything to remove you and it would still be on their best interest to train you as they will want you to do a good job while you are there.
If you don't feel comfortable telling them the 100% don't!
I was 'forced' to tell at 7 weeks and its been 2 years and I still feel angry about it!
I made the mistake of telling a senior staff member as i worked directly with her and she knew about my previous miscarriage and I had started to feel pains again and had bleeding and she pretty much told me i had to tell our boss as it was around theme of year where new contracts were being discussed for the next year. it was a "she knows something is wrong (as in mine and hers working relationship due to her making me cry every day for a week asking me if i was going to tell) and giving the impression "if you don't then i will"

you don't have to tell them a thing. you could find out at 14weeks or later so tell then when you feel comfortable in telling them
Its absolutely your choice. But remember that anything can happen during that contract. You can leave with notice and they can end the contract dependant on terms of the agreement. Eg change business needs, performance etc.
As an employer I would understand not being advised at this point.
Either way they will need to replace you or manage for a short period until the previous incumbent returns. Prove your worth.....cook your bubba...take care of yourself....enjoy these early days and tell them when you're in your safe and comfortable zone.
Good luck mumma...its just a job. ????
Congrats on your pregnancy. Personally, I'd just wait it out a bit longer... many of my friends didn't find out about their pregnancies until around 16 weeks even as they had no signs or indications. Don't feel stressed, take care of your own health first, and let them know when you are ready - don't rush it. All the best x
Wait until 14 weeks. With my first I didn’t tell them until 21weeks pregnant

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