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What do I need to know when trying for a baby Lock Rss

Hi everyone I'm new to this forum, just wanting some help about trying to conceive or anything I need to know about trying. So I've came of the pill about 4 months ago after being on it for about 4 years and on the depo shot for about 3 years my partner and I have been having unprotected sex since before I went off the pill still no luck we have only recently agreed to actually start trying. I've used the online calculators for ovulation it says when I should ovulate, but I've started with an ovulation kit and it says I'm not so I'm a little confused. Then again I had my period on the 28th of sep but it was only 2 days then completely stopped and I'm usually 5-7 days could that have anything to do with pregnancy. Thank you in advance ????
Hello there. How are you? Look; don’t worry. Sometime; conceiving naturally take time. You had just come of the pills. The components still reside in you. So, have a little patience. In the mean time; consult a doctor. They can prescribe you some prenatal vitamins. They can even run some tests on you. Find out if something is wrong. I was not able to conceive naturally because of my illness. In BioTexCom; I had undergone fertility treatment. Today, I have 3 babies. So, I am attaching a link for you. You can consult doctor there. They are quite experienced. You can trust them. All the best, Clair..
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