Hi everyone!

My husband and I intend to start trying after we return from our holidays in January. I recently did a bloodtest and found that I needed vac's for mumps and measles. But also, that my prolactin levels were slightly high (they were off whack last year in Dec and January and that affected my cycle - but then everything regularized itself again). I am concerned that this may impact my fertility. My GP is lovely and she is following up with doctors at Middlemore as to whether to monitor this, or what steps to take moving forward. I have also started taking elevit to prep my body for pregnancy - however, I wanted to know whether it could in fact be a problem and whether slightly high prolactin levels have impacted others planning and mums to be and mums? And, I hear Vitex (Chasteberry) is good for fertility, so my next question is can I take it along with elevit? I don't need it so much for my cycle as I do for fertility tbh. Any help on this will be appreciated!