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Private Obgyn vs Private Midwife Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Could you please give me you opinion on having private obstetrician vs a private midwife? I'd be interested to know the price and care difference you have experienced. I am located on the Gold Coast.

Any advise/information you could offer is greatly appreciated.

Hi @sam_walters

My sister had a private OB for all her pregnancies (3!!), the same male OB which she was very happy with, although it did cost a few grand per pregnancy. We're in Sydney though so I'm unsure of cost differences with the Gold Coast.
For me, I decided to go public, and had a midwife (my baby girl is 16 months). I loved her and would do this again for when I decide to have my second bub. Cheaper and a great experience.
Perhaps a few more mummas need to provide their thoughts - everyone has a different experience?

Thanks SydneyGal_Mel.

I am looking at going private whether I choose Midwife or Obstetrician. Thanks for your advise. I will be a first time mumma so hopefully I will get some more replies and they will help with my decision.

I thought you had to use an Obstetrician listed with the hospital if you were going private?
Do you have the option of only using a midwife?
I'm having my 2nd baby in 2 months and have opted private both times and had to use one of the hospitals listed Obstetricians. I've been happy both times.

Thanks @Christiiee.
You can choose to have a private midwife. ?? Are you based on the Gold Coast?
Sam_Walters wrote:
Thanks @Christiiee.
You can choose to have a private midwife. ?? Are you based on the Gold Coast?

No, I'm on the NSW Central Coast using Gosford Private but with my first I used North Shore Private in Sydney. I didn't know that you could use only a midwife but I guess at some private hospitals you must be able to. smile

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