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Did you get pregnant with PCOS? Rss

We are trying to use the forum to build stories of hope and inspiration for potential mums who have Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). If you have successfully become pregnant with PCOS, we would love you to share your story! What worked for you? Did you try alternative therapies or take supplements or other medication?
I have PCOS and have two children with another one on the way. My PCOS mainly affected my fertility as I'm not hugely overweight and don't have acne or excess hair growth. I generally do not get periods or ovulate very often at all. My fertility directly relates to how heavy I am when I conceive which has been always when I'm considerably lighter.
My second child's conception involved me trying for 4 years unsuccessfully and being on metformin, trying clomid etc.
We were at the point of beginning the ivf process but a wonderful doctor in Australia got me to try a
radical short term diet where I was restricted to 600-700 calories a day. In effect, it puts your body into ketosis and purges all the fat stores from your liver etc and seemed to reset everything and reverse the insulin resistance. I did it for 2 months, lost 10 kg and conceived the following month.
If you have strong will power and a desire great enough it's well worth it even though it was one of the hardest things I have ever done.
Get rid of that sugar! Worked for me!
I found out I was pregnant 3 days before our first ivf consultation.
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