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TTC May Rss

Hi ladies, starting a new month as I couldn't see one or even an april one.

I read the March TTC thread and as much as I hated reading it as I could feel the feelings it was SO nice to know I'm not alone!!

We've been TTC for just over a year now and I am OVER it. I don't think I want to have sex ever again once we get successful! I'm depressed, so moody and I'm losing my enthusiasm for so much other areas in my life as I feel like I live in a big black cloud. I already have a child too, took 4 months to get pregnant the first time, so extra frustrated as to why it's taking this long. We've had breaks to give ourselves a rest, i track my ovulation cycle but I haven't started taking anything else. I've just heard of Vitex so going to look into that and acupuncture.
It's just so hard!!!!! Why does it have to be this hard!?!? sad
Hiya welcome and goodluck to you <3 I know so many people who have been through a similar experience to you.. even for me my 3rd took 6 months for some reason(all my others took 1-3 months). The month I got pregnant I had found out I was low on iron, so had started iron supplements.. I used the vitex mouth spray.. I also drank fresh from the tree grapefuit juice every day from the first day of my period until cd 12 ( I think your meant to stop after ovulation, I cant remember but you can google it.)

Some people experience temporary unexplained fertility after coming off of the pill or injection.

Have you spoken to your dr? Had blood tests?

I am so sorry you are having to deal with this, hopefully this is your month!
Hi Mugglewump.

I was on the March TTC having a real hard time with TTC #1 after a year.

I'm happy to say I now have my BFP.

Honestly, we tried everything from vitex to fertility lubricant to BBT charting and using OPKs. There isn't anything we didn't try, and I have no idea if anything actually worked.

Those last few months before I got my BFP were the worst. I was heartbroken and devastated and nothing anyone could say to me would make it better, especially when it feels like everyone was getting pregnant without even trying. So many tears were shed.

It's weird though, after you get that BFP... you forget how horrible and hard it all was. I'm still terrified I won't get to keep this little bean but just taking it one step at a time.

You will get your BFP eventually, and when you do, you'll forget everything you're feeling right now.

I know it sucks. It REALLY sucks. I wish you all the best this month. You deserve that BFP!!!
Yay Buttercup that is so great to hear you happy news! Glad after all you have been through that you have a positive outcome smile
Our first official month trying for #3, bit of a spur of the moment decision in the middle of my fertile period so will see what happens this month. Next AF is due on the first so will try hold out until then to test if AF doesn't show before hand.

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