Your best chance of success is most likely to become a donor embryo recipient. If you are not already on the wait list with your fertility clinic to go this route, talk to them today as waitlists between clinics do vary. Donor embryos are donated by couples who have completed their families and have had extra embryos in storage with the clinic. It is the ultimate act of altruism for these couples/ women to donate their embryos so that another woman/ couple can have a family. The donating couple must both be 35 or under (which means heathier embryos and a MUCH higher success rate) and have undergone full screening. You and your partner must undergo counselling before proceeding (some clinics require you to do this BEFORE you go on their waitlist and others once you get called up when you reach top of the list). Once you're called up, your Fertility Specialist starts you on a protocol to get your uterine lining ready before transfer. And remember - the embryos are already at blastocyst stage so healthy and replicating wonderfully so your success rate is up at about 35% per cycle (at least that was what is was when I went this route). The cost is significantly LESS than going the donor gamete/ egg route also. And let's face it, if you were going to use a donor egg then does it really matter if the child would be non-biological to you or your partner? I think of it as adoption with the wonderful and magical bonus that you get to carry the beautiful bubba - so no one ever knows bub isn't your own biological child (unless you choose to share this with others). Remember, waitlists can be long - years sometimes so best to put your name down now even if you're going the donor egg route now. Keep it as your back up plan if you like. smile