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Fourth baby?? Lock Rss

Hi everyone! I'm a mum of three beautiful girls aged 10,7 and 2.5. Lately I have found myself dreaming about a fourth baby and thinking about it! Hubby and I always said we would like a big family and we're both one of four kids, but after my third I was adamant I was done. Mostly because I had three csections and the thought of another put me off. The other thing was that everyone thought I only had my third hoping it's a boy. And after her everyone asked if I'll be going back for a "boy" next time so I said no coz I was afraid it won't be a boy...It sounds pretty lame but even though hubby and I couldn't care less if it's a girl or boy as long as it's healthy, I feel like I'll be judged and if it's another girl I'll be the poor woman trying desperately for a boy and failing. Unfortunately I come from a community like that *rolls eyes*
Another issue is my younger sister has been trying to have a baby for 18 months and has had two missed miscarriages at 8 weeks. She's heartbroken and really wants to have a child. I feel like if I have another one before she has answers and falls pregnant that it'll be awkward and upsetting for her. And if I wait til she's had a healthy pregnancy and baby then I have no idea how much longer I'll be waiting and I'm 33 years old now.
I have thought about all the other aspects ie-house, car and finances and we will be fine in those regards and have just bought a 7 seater anyway.
I just don't feel like I'm "done" yet and The thought that I'll never experience pregnancy again ( I have amazingly easy pregnancies) or breastfeeding makes me really sad sad
So can anyone give me some advice on what they think and if you have four kids was it much harder than 3? And anyone with 4 csections...any issues? Also how does one deal with people's judgemental views? Unfortunately I feel like coz it's my fourth that regardless of who I tell it won't be as welcomed or celebrated as the previous three sad
Heya, I hope you have found your answers by now.. I am in a facebook group large family tricks of the trade and theres heaps of mums who have had multiple c-sec (some have even had 8) & I know a few people who have had 4.. maybe booking with you doctor for a chat, they might refer you to a specialist if they are concerned..

I have 4 beautiful boys and know ALL about the comments, I just don't care anymore, my usual reply is we always wanted a big family. I love having 4 kids, we are planning a 5th and I am really glad because really when you look at life, what is truly important?... thats what you need to ask yourself..

That is very sad for your sister, but that should not stop you having another baby if you desire one.

Good luck! xx
Hi, I'm onto my sixth baby and the silly comments never stop coming- so just ignore them. You don't want to look back years later wishing you had another child and regretting you never did. I'm sure that if you have another one you won't look back and say I wish we never went for the fourth. Because you won't be able to imagine your family without that child. The work load doesn't really increase that much as you are doing all the stuff for the others anyway. The siblings just love getting a new baby in the family, because it just adds more playmates which equals more fun.
Anyway hope it all works out for both you and your sister...
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