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TTC with PCOS Lock Rss

Hi! so me and my husband are ttc. I stopped my birth control last November (4 mths ago) got af on time in December and haven't had anything since. Just been told I have pcos, and now I am not sure what I can do as we desperately want to concieve. I am normal bmi and quite healthy as is. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for me? I'd love to hear a real experience from someone in my position!
Hi, I have had a similar experience to you. After I stopped taking the pilI I had about 5 cycles which were between 27-35 days, then a 45 day one followed by 102 days! After the 45 day one I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS too. I was referred to a fertility clinic where I was given drugs that would make me get a period, then another drug (Letrozole) to make me ovulate. I have just finished my second cycle on these drugs with no luck, but am hopeful! Like you I am normal bmi and healthy. A few people have told me I should see a naturopath so this might be an option for you too? I haven't been to one yet, will wait and see if these drugs work first I think.
Have you been referred to a specialist at all?
yes very well said

Hey ladies
I have the same thing pcos it can be very frustrating when all you want is bubby I had huge cyst and was told I never be able to conceive it was bitter sweat for me cos I already had two healthy children but wanted more my first two conceived with not issues but there third time around not so lucky as I already had two children I was like if it was meant to be it wil happen out of the blue I feel pregnant after four years naturally and thinking there was no hope and suprise I was so excited but sadly I lost my bubby which I was devastated a year later I feel pregnant and was so anxious and nervous all though I had a rough pregnancy my bubby is 5 months old now and doing well never give up hope even when you think it not gonna happen if you have to have some test done and see specialist if it helps I didn't cos I thought if it was meant to be it will happen and it did I just wanted to share my story
Hi, I was told I had POCS when trying conceive first one and doctor said I would never conceive without taking the drugs. I refused to believe that and went down the natural/naturopath path. But also learnt the billings ovulation method so despite my long cycles I could always tell when I ovulated. It took longer then I hoped ( 4 years) but eventually fell pregnant. Now onto my sixth pregnancy. I was carrying a couple extra kilos, but focused on healthy eating and exercise to get my POCS stable. I think pregnancy has cured me anyway as they haven't seen any more cysts on my ultrasounds. Hope all goes well whichever path you take.
In my case the family herbalist informally told me these pills disturbs the natural process and when you are off them it will take time for the body to get back to normal. Doc says I have pcos then came meds and It took me 16 months returning to normal cycles.

Best of luck to all ttc
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