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Egg retrieval worries Lock Rss

Hi ladies I'm going to have EPU on the 22nd of march at the fertility centre springwood qld. I'm so scared and its our first time through ivf. Hoping someone else has light sedation also and can share their experience
I have been through 4 rounds of IVF and 4 egg retrievals (in NZ) over here it is done with light sedation. To be honest it was a more than a little uncomfortable but not too painful - different people react differently. After I heard they had got the first egg I fell asleep and don't actually remember the rest of the process. And afterwards I found it was like have bad period cramps - so very manageable and that didn't last all that long (couple of hours) and then just a little tender for the next couple of days.

I went through it 4 times so it couldn't have been too bad smile and I have two beautiful children now and it was worth going though that small amount of discomfort.

Try and relax and good luck smile
Thank you so much and have been put at ease with the helpful stories on here. X
I've had it done twice but was in hospital for it under a general so I was sound asleep when it was all happening. smile
The recovery for me wasn't great though but it's bearable. I won't worry you with that.
Good luck. smile

Hi Renee, congratulations on reaching that stage. For me personally the retrieval wasn't too bad, I had some form of sedation and was offered gas also. Unfortunately I took weeks to recovery however my sister who also went through ivf had hardly any pain with the retrieval and recovery. Everyone is different. All the best smile
Here's the outline.
Before ER:
After 8 p.m. on the night before the procedure, you must refrain from eating or drinking until after the procedure. You should not wear any jewelry or contact lenses to the procedure. Male partners will be asked to provide a semen sample to be used during the IVF procedure.
During ER:
Most of the time, eggs are retrieved via transvaginal ultrasound. During this procedure, an ultrasound probe is inserted into the vagina, which allows the doctor to see the follicles in the ovaries. Then, a thin needle attached to a catheter is inserted through the ultrasound guide and to the ovaries. The follicles are aspirated one by one through a small suction device, and multiple follicles can be retrieved. The procedure is performed under sedation and pain medication.
After ER:
You may feel some side effects of the procedure and the sedation for the first few days after the procedure. Common side effects include: Discomfort, which should be managed with Tylenol or a prescription medication. Nausea, which can be treated with ginger ale and crackers. Dizziness. Feelings of cramps, fullness, or pressure in the pelvic area. Again you MIGHT only feel any of them.
Hope this helps.
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