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4 days late Lock Rss


I'm 4 days late at the moment. I stopped taking ava 30 ed in July 2016, had my first natural period 36 days later in august then 32 days in september and travelled to Europe for 3 weeks then 42 days later in october, 32 in november then 31 in December. Now it's been 36 days and my period isn't showing any signs of coming. I took a test on the 22nd of January (period was due 21st January) and it was negative. I'm pretty sure I ovulated on the 9/01.

My nipples are sensitive and feel almost fuller, I can smell everything, I feel full fast/am barely hungry, I feel sick a lot, I'm tired all the time, I had a mothball kind of taste in my mouth for a couple of days, I've had a kind of noticeable but not sore feeling in my pelvic area, I feel like crying over nothing and I feel bloated and gasy.

I never get period symptoms except it kind of feels like I'm going to pee my pants when it's due but I haven't had that this month. I also usually want to eat nothing but chocolate and I don't feel like it at all.

Could I be pregnant or would my body still be getting used to not being on the pill? Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I really just want to know!

Also with my first I only tested once at 7 weeks and got a very faint positive. Maybe I only have very low levels of hcg? Or is it different with every pregnancy? :/ I'm so confused. It took 5 months to get pregnant the first time after coming off levlen ed
I'm in the same boat. My husband and I have been TTC for 18mths.
I have PCOS and have been on fertility treatment with ovulation induction.
This is my third month of clomid and since being on it my cycles have been 30-31 days.
This month I didn't track my ovulation so I can't be completely sure I ovulated.. I'm now on day 34 and no AF.
I had cramping on day 28, 29, 30 and was sure it was coming, but still nothing.
I've had 3 negative hpts (31,33,34).
I'm a little constipated- unusual for me, cramping and occasional sharp vaginal pain, some mild nausea, fatigue and acne. my boobs are soft, with no pain at all. ? I'm having a little bit of urine frequency during the day only. My cervix is stilling medium and feels closed, my cm (tmi) is clear and more than usual (clomid dries you up).

At this stage I either want to get a BFP or AF to start!!
I feel like this month was the only one we didn't really even try, and I don't want to let myself get excited!
I plan to recheck in 2 more days. If it's not here after a week I will book in with the GP.

P.S.- I was being observed through a fertility clinic on the clomid. However this month because of Christmas closures I didn't track with them because I should have ovulated by the time they opened back up.
Never mind. AF came in a sudden rush at 9am this morning, was still clear at 6am.
Oh well. On to the next month... then one more until we start IVF.
Good luck. Baby dust to you!
Oh sorry to hear that. I'm currently on day 40 and had a negative test yesterday. Hopefully this is your month!
Thank you. Wishing you a BFP soon. You will have to post once you know.
So I wasn't pregnant that time but I am now 7 weeks pregnant! grin
congratulations! smile
Kawb wrote:
So I wasn't pregnant that time but I am now 7 weeks pregnant! grin

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Have you seen our Week by Week Pregnancy Guide?

It's a great way to track your baby's growth and development throughout your pregnancy! We wish you the best of luck with everything! smile
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