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Hi! I’m 41 years old. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a small ovarian reserve. My gyny told me that I may face the beginning of menopause very soon. But the problem is that I haven’t become a mother yet. At present I’m dating a nice man and we want to give a birth to our baby. The doctors advised us to try IVF, but it came with a BFN. As my ovarian reserve comes to an end, my doctor offers me to try egg donation. As this procedure is forbidden in my country, I decided to find a clinic somewhere abroad.
I got interested in Ukraine, especially, in one Ukrainian clinic – Biotexcom. Today I want to share my impressions about this clinic…
Firstly, I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody!!!! It’s a tiny, overcrowded clinic with rude and unfriendly staff.
They do have loads of patients, but I can’t understand why these people choose this clinic … not the other one!!!
I didn’t like how the doctor and the manager of the program communicated with us. Of course, they weren’t rude, but they talked very formally… It looked like we were drawing their attention from something more impo rtant!
I think infertile couples should be treated more friendly.
In addition, we didn’t like the apartment the clinic provided us with. It was situated far from the city center.
My husband and I visited another reproductive clinic in Kiev. It was Isida. The representatives of this clinic met us very heartily. They were very attentive and extremely friendly, but I couldn’t see as many patients in this clinic as I saw in Biotexcom. It made a little bit wary.
Now I continue looking for an appropriate clinic. There are loads of Russian and other Ukrainian clinics with very affordable prices. But I just want to meet people who have already conthav acted Russian and Ukrainian clinics. How did you choose your clinics? Is overcrowded clinic hall a good or bad sign??? If the clinic’s staff is unfriendly, what does it mean??? Should a clinic with a bad patients receiving be trusted???
Oh… gosh. How terrible!!! They shouldn’t have made you wait in the queue so long. I guess reputable clinics treat their patients much better!!! If I were in your shoes, I would quit them nearly at once.
P.S. If you’re still interested in them, you may check their success rates. You may also google some information about them or visit various fertility forums. I wish you good luck in your journey, hun!
Hi! Though I live in Australia and it’s pretty much far away from Ukraine, I’m also going to cycle in Biotexcom. We’ve chosen them cause they have very reasonable prices. The package of services includes all necessary things that would make me feel comfortable. I like the clinic, so I would advise to try it…
P.S. I agree that the clinic seems to be overcrowded. I advise you to contact your program manager and discuss this issue with her.
Hi, everybody. I think you should check the way they’re going to find an egg donor for you. For me, it’s a key moment, because lots of things (including, the whole success of the ED program) depend on the quality of the donor’s eggs. Of course, it’s better to donate eggs from young and healthy woman. You must make sure that your donor is treated ok. She does a great a job so it’s quite natural that she must be treated well. Just check these things and you’ll see whether it’s worth dealing with them or not.
We’ve chosen Biotexcom cause they really care about the egg donor’s they find for their infertile patients. Firstly, they deal only with young women 18-25 years old. The woman should pass through a rigorous medical checkup to be accepted as an egg donor. She must have at least one healthy child. Finally, the clinic’s specialists will study the donor’s family tree to see whether she has a good heredity. For us, it was enough to choose this clinic. What do you think about it?
The requirements the clinic uses for selecting egg donors sound well. However, I would advise you to consult an attorney before doing anything. As far as I know, egg donation isn’t anonymous in some countries. For instance, in Poland and in the UK a child conceived with the help of a donor egg may get some information about his biological mom. In addition, how are they actually going to choose a donor for you? You’re going to consult the clinic, which is situated overseas. I think it will be quite difficult to find a suitable donor for you there.
Before visiting the clinic for the first time, we sent them a short description of the woman who would suit us an egg donor. We included such details as height, weight, the eye and hair color and loads of other details. Our program manager told us that they had used a special software to find a suitable donor for us. We signed up a contract with them and could see the donor’s 3D photo. It was really very handy.
P.S. In some countries, you really aren’t able to see donor’s photos. Some clinics provide their patients with donor’s photos in an early childhood.
I think it’s really great that you were able to see the photo of your egg donor. At least, you saw how your baby would look like. I know that some woman avoid doing this. However, did they charge any additional fee for this service? I know that some fertility clinics do this. I have a close friend who cycled in Russia. They found a nice clinic with low prices, but the fertility specialist who worked there started to ask them to do loads of tests that weren’t included into the list. This made the final sum of their ED program really huge.
They didn’t charge any additional fees. We signed up a contract with the clinic. According to this contract, the clinic will charge only a fixed sum. It means no additional fees will be charged. For us, it was really very handy. As we’ve booked several shots, the sum was divided into several installments. We made the payment both in cash and via a bank transfer.
Hun, did you use fresh or frozen eggs for your ED IVF. As far as I know, fresh eggs are considered to be much better than frozen ones. However, fertility clinics charge pretty much for the donation programs where fresh eggs are used. What about Biotexcom? Are their prices too high?
P.S. I have a close friend. She used frozen eggs in her DE IVF and conceived after the second attempt.
Biotexcom offers FET for a very reasonable price. You may visit their official website to check their prices. When we chose an egg donor, the RE who was in charge of our program studied my menstrual cycle and determined the date for the embryos transfer. Up to this time, I had to take birth control pills to synchronize my periods with the donor’s ones. When we visited the clinic for the second time, my hubby’s sperm was picked up and used to fertilize the donor oocytes. The doctor’s put three embryos into my uterus. I had to take hormone medicines to support my possible pregnancy. I did my first pregnancy test in two weeks, and it was positive. I was so happy!!!
Miabruno, you’ve written that the clinic is situated in Kiev. As far as I know, it’s a capital city of Ukraine. Aren’t you afraid to go there, hun? It’s a poor country. In addition, it’s at war now. For me, it’s not the best choice. What do you think about it?
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