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Hi are there any older mums here? My partner and I will be ttc soon, it will be our first child together. I have two children from a previous relationship. Just wondering what I can expect as an older pregnant mum, and are there any complication?
Hi I am 37...38 in Feb partner is 50. I have 3 children from my ex husband the youngest is 11yrs old. My partner has 16yr old twins from a previous relationship. We are TTC number 1 together and are on cycle # 12. Going to see fertility associates in Feb if no bfp by then sad
I'm 39 next month and gave birth (4wks ago) to my 5th child, first with my new partner as I already have 4 kids to my dec partner. As I wasn't ttc it came as a complete surprise after a mc with complications. This pregnancy & labour was by far the hardest my body really felt it, I ended up with GD diet controlled at 29wks, leg cramps, exhaustion, constipation, heartburn all seemed to be worse too. It could've just been me but I really felt my age this time round and so much has changed. I wouldn't change anything now she's here, I always had 1 at home with a newborn, so I'm really enjoying the one on one time. Good luck with ttc
Thanks for the replies ladies! smile I forgot to add I am 38 and my fiance is 40. I have just come off the pill so will allow for one "real" period then start ttc. I have a 9 and 6 year old.

Farmer_mum, good luck, hope you get your bfp soon! <3
I am so sorry for you. I am trying to conceive for last ten years. I have tried all possible methods like IUI and IVF but i don't have any luck with them.I was hopeless but fortunately a friend of mine told me about this surrogacy. I have consulted some of the experts and all of the gave me positive views.It is banned in some countries and it is a bit expensive. In USA and Europe is legal and patients are giving positive reviews.Some of the success stories have motivated me this is the reason i am going for it. I hope it would help you too.
Hey. I am so happy for you. Children are the greatest blessing. I hope you will be a mom soon. I am sorry but I just hope this. As you said you are a bit old. So you may face certain complications. As a woman gets old so she started facing many complications. She may turn infertile. I am happy at least you considered it. I hope this will help. If you face any complication I would advise you to go for surrogacy. As it is an amazing procedure my sister who was 39 went for it for her 2nd baby. She went to a clinic in Europe. She found her surrogate there. I hope this would help.
I am so cheerful for you. Kids are the best gift. I trust you will be a mother soon. I am sad yet I simply trust this. As you said you are somewhat old. So you may confront certain entanglements. As a lady kicks old so she off confronting numerous inconveniences. She may turn infertile. I am glad at any chance you thought about it. I trust this will help. On the off chance that you confront any confusion I would encourage you to go for surrogacy. I went there after facing 10 years of infertility. As it is an astonishing technique I pulled out all the stops for my infant. I went to a clinic in Europe. I trust this would help.
singlemumof2 wrote:
Hi are there any older mums here? My partner and I will be ttc soon, it will be our first child together. I have two children from a previous relationship. Just wondering what I can expect as an older pregnant mum, and are there any complication?

Hi there! Yes! You should know that you're not alone. I'm also 37 years old. It's also my first baby. I've tried naturally for so long! Yes! My PCOS level is my complication...So, yeah! It's not very much of age issue. You can try conceiving naturally. Wish you all the best! I'm having it via an IVF procedure this year at a repro center in Ukraine. Anyway! Stay blessed. xx
Most of the women's who are infertile often get to conceive late because of some complications. And let me tell you one thing one of my friends had her last baby over 40's and that was actually magical. So if you are getting troubles in conceiving. You could ask for the alternatives possible. Like I say IVF and all. But I believe that you would conceive at 38. Good luck.
Hi there Hope you are fine. I am 35 and am blessed with twins , two beautiful daughters this January. Things are going to be amazing for you.Be Positive and take good care of your self. My good wishes and prayers are with you.Sending you baby dust. Cheers.
I really feel deep grief for you. Children are a blessing of God. Having child is one of the biggest wishes of every woman. I can feel the torment you are going through. I can only pray for you in such circumstances. At this age, everyone needs the family support. Don't take so much pressure from these type of thoughts. Surrogacy is the most reliable choice in such circumstances. I'm also coping with an infertility problem. The reason behind my infertility was unknown as my doctors said. Moreover, my DH supported me a lot in every condition. We decided to go for surrogacy treatment. People have shared many positive reviews about surrogacy. My friend recommended me a well-known clinic located in Europe. They provided us a sound surrogate. Finally, surrogacy has proved to be beneficial for us!
How old are you? You did not mention that. In any case, anything depends on you only. It depends on your body. I would advise you see a doctor. She will run tests on you. It will determine if you can any complications or not. Hope this was helpful.
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