Hi All,
My name is Lisa and i am a mum of 3 from Victoria.
Was hoping to get your opinions and advice on something if you don't mind.
My husband and I have been discussing if we should have baby #4 which we always planned on having before we had a rough pregnancy the last time around. I have PCOS so it made it really hard to fall pregnant with my youngest and this time if we decide to have a baby i will see someone to get some help so we don't have so many issues. During my last pregnancy i had a few issues and had a threatened miscarriage twice and was told to not get attached to the pregnancy which was so scary, but now my baby just turned 1! My doctor said that we could try again as every pregnancy is different and this time we may not have any issues but i guess im scared, i spent a lot of time in hospital last time around.
Any who has pcos that could share a more positive experience or anyone who would be willing to offer some help or advice would be so greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the story and thank you for reading!