There is an app for everything now, including baby-making. We check out 3 of the best apps to increase your chances of Trying to Conceive. Have you tried any of these? Tell us what you thought of them!

1. Fertility Friend
What it does: Allows you to observe and record fertility signs, which Fertility Friend uses to predict the best days for conception or taking a pregnancy test.

Cost: The basic app is free, but a $45-a-year premium membership gives you VIP access to message boards and advanced features like an intercourse timing analyzer and detailed analysis of your fertility signals, including those that may point to a potential pregnancy.

2. Glow
What it does: Glow pinpoints a woman's fertility cycle using personalized data to help them conceive faster. The app also allows men to monitor their fertility, with new support just for them. A nice eature is that a man's data can be linked to his partner's, to produce a full picture of your fertility as a couple.

Cost: Free with the option of contributing to a mutual assistance program, which can be used towards fertility treatments if Glow doesn't help you conceive in 10 months.

3. Sprout
Cost: Free
What it does:
An excellent all-in-one app, Sprout gives you a touching visual of how your little one is growing, with incredible images and 3D models showing each stage of a baby’s development. Tools including a weight tracker, kick counter, contraction timer and doctor visit planner help take the stress out of pregnancy, and plenty of advice from doctors will prepare you mentally for the challenges ahead.