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Trying to conceive Lock Rss

Just chasing some opinions/advice, I have a doctors appointment next week.
I went off the pill in January since then my cycle has been 32 day, 34 days, 37 days, 35 days and 33 days would you class this as a irregular cycle? I know it can take time to regulate but just a bit concerned I might be irregular which could be contributing to not falling pregnant yet. Thank you in advance
I had really irregular periods. Ranging from 50 days without a period- I had a lot of tests done and turns out I was just really irregular for no reason.. Had a pregnancy test last week and I am now 5 weeks pregnant.. I had no idea when I was ovulating so it was a massive surprise!!
Thanks for your feedback Jess. I'm probably just over thinking it all. Massive congratulations!
Mine was similar. I didn't have a problem conceiving and docs didn't consider irregular.
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