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Possible Pregnancy? Lock Rss

My partner and I had unprotected sex on cycle day 6 and he pulled out - I ended my period on cycle day 5. I'm currently on cycle day 17 and I am so moody, constantly hungry - I normally don't have any appetite and I'm also having period like cramps in my stomach and back and I've had these symptoms since cycle day 11. I'm not one to have pms or cramps at all when I'm not on my period. Also sorry if this is tmi but I've been having very wet/watery cervial mucus for the past 3ish days, to the point I need a light pad, a panty liner just isn't cutting it - I've never had anything like that before. I'm wondering if it's too early to be reading into these signs as a sign of pregnancy or not. I haven't been on birth control for 8 years as it messes with my cycles terribly. My cycle is 24 days long, I also have uterus didelphys. We also had unprotected sex where he pulled out on cycle day 24 during my last cycle. Both my parents had less than 1% combined chance of ever being able to have kids and they had 2, 9 years apart naturally. My mother also has uterus didelphys. A pregnancy would be very much welcome, we aren't trying but aren't preventing. Am I reading too much into this? I think I'll be guttered if I'm not actually pregnant.
Firstly I can't give any advice in regards to uterus didelphus as I have never heard of it. But in relation to possible pregnant. If you have a 24 day cycle, that would mean you would most likely ovulate on or around CD 10 that being 14days before AF. There is a possibility as sperm can live in uterus for something like three days, but I would say it's a very small chance. These symptoms kind of just sound like ovulation symptoms since they started on CD11. I get different symptoms each cycle for ovulation and some times none at all. That's my thoughts anyway.

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