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Zika Lock Rss

Hi everyone

We are currently TTC (getting faint BFP at the moment).

At the beginning of May this year we went to Bali.

I had heard about the Zika virus and risks to pregnant women but Indonesia was not on the warning list on smart traveller and I was not pregnant yet so we went.

In the news recently (end of June) they mentioned that Zika has been known to stay in the male semen for up to 6 months and can be transferred during sex. And Indonesia was added to the warning list (as sporadic/limited) so I started to freak out a little bit..

Would you be concerned??

Indonesia was added to warning list a month or more after we returned home, we both do not recall getting any symtoms..

If the travel warning wasn't up for Indonesia when you went then it's likely that there wasn't much Zika there at that time (they were looking for it as it had been around in Brazil long before you left). Personally if I were in your situation I'd see my GP. They can test to see if you've been infected. I'd guess that it's extremely unlikely but if it were to come back positive, since you've only just got your BFP, it gives plenty of time to decide whether or not you want to continue with the pregnancy.

I wouldn't worry personally at all at this stage other than to get a blood test for reassurance.

Congrats on the BFP. All the best for the next 9 months
It's really helpful topic topic for me
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