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TTC August 2016 Lock Rss

Great news Ivy!

I'm not holding much hope for this cycle. Hubby has been away since Wednesday and I have a feeling I will ovulate tomorrow. We managed to get a quick "session" in Tuesday morning but would be have to be very lucky to have success this month. Traveling for work does throw a spanner into our plans.
Good luck Miss Mia!

Ugh I hope you still catch it Lily!!!

Afm, lots of cramping today, lots of stretchy cm too, so I'm hoping this might be O, cos these are my strongest symptoms yet!

Mama of two in Otago. TTC #3

Day 21. No real symptoms so as expected I'm pretty sure this month is out. My cycles have been so messed up though since my mc I have no idea when I'm actually due. Last month was 32 days, the month before was 24, so I will see what the next 7-10 days bring me. How is everyone else going?
Well I have been absent because I have been feeling really unwell....


I got a BFP this morning.

The news hasnt sunk in as yet as I haven't even had a proper period and only just stopped the pill so i'm not sure how to really react etc....... blink
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