For years my fiancé and I have been trying to conceive a childbut we still haven't gotten any good news back at all, after a year of dating we had found out I was pregnant being a mother is something i have always dreamed of becoming! Seeing a little me run around the house calling out mummy is everything I could ever possibly want. Unfortunately I had gone through a very devastating experience of still birth for me it was very depressing also for my fiancé but only thing is this was going to be my first and his third...he has two beautiful daughters that are not mine and it's truly heart breaking being around them now when we have them because I could of had there step brother playing around with them, I love them but the fact that I haven't been able to experience a little me it does get really upsetting hearing daddy and not mummy and when i do it's not to me it's to their mother, you know when you just look at there ex partner that they have a family to and wish you were in the position that she was in having the love of your life's child... I've had an early miscarriage also and now it been years now it just seems impossible to become pregnant. So my last resort was to come looking for an egg donor! I'm so desperate???? My passion is to become a mother and to experience all these things for myself my passion is to love and care and share growth with a beautiful baby so if there is someone out there in Perth willing to donate their egg to me i would be over the moon! If you'd like to know more information please feel free to have a say. I would do anything to become a mother