I'm new here in this forum. We're planning to have our FET this month. Our frozen embryo's grade is 5BB. This is our last one. I got pregnant with fresh cycle (ivf #2) but ended in late miscarriage and had left 2 frozen embryos. I had FET last Feb 2016 for our 4aa frozen blastocyst but sadly had chemical pregnancy. Since I'm ovulating naturally, my doctor put me in natural FET cycle, it means no medication at all. I only had 2 blood tests to monitor my ovulation but my doctor never checked my uterine lining as the nurse told me that my doctor is confident with my lining without even having it checked thru scan. I thought checking the lining is always part of the ivf procedure including FET?

Is there anyone who had successful FET but didn't check the uterine lining thru scan? Would you mind sharing your experiences on FET please? What have you done to make it Successful?

I have invested so much emotions in my ivf journey and I really hope that my last frozen embryo will stick and I will be rewarded with a healthy baby that I have always dreamt of.

Thank you.