Evening blessings to you all, We've been TTC for over 6 years and have had recurring miscarriages. After investigations, it was found that I had a micro prolactinoma (small tumor on hormone gland) and it was affecting my fertility. I tried medications to lower the help lower the hormone levels but they made me very unwell and I could not continue with the treatment. Recently I have started taking a natural anti-oxidant gel blend with high levels of resveratrol which highlights a potential role in reducing oxidative stress in the ovary. I have since been back to the doctor who tells me my prolactin levels have gone from 1100 down to 700, the tumor has know grown which doc says is a good thing as it secretes a balancing hormone, who would have thought? So now I'm back on the waiting list to see the endocrinologist and fertility associates and looking forward to the beauty of a little miracle. What other natural ingredients reduce oxidative stress in the ovary?