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Late period but Negitive pregnancy tests Lock Rss

I'm 4 days late for my period but all my at home pregnancy test have come back negative.
I'm not stressed and usually have very regular periods.

Just wondering had anyone else ever had this problem? If so were you pregnant? Thanks guys xx
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Hi all,
New here. Good to see all your posts. As I feel like I'm going a bit nuts. Day three and still no period. I think I've taken five pregnancy tests at this point and all are negative ??. My bbt been high for 8 days at least maybe more. I had an emotional meltdown last name night and exhausted all day. Vomitted before going to sleep. My husband is very concerned now. I just want a period of Im not pregnant so we can try again. ????. I'm going to call the doctor in the morning.
I'm in the exact same boat as you. My period is 5 days late and they normally run like clockwork!!
My BBT has been higher for atleast 10 days, I got a blood test last week (after my 5th at home test came up with a very faint 2nd line) but the blood test came back negative?? And now every other home test i've done have been negative also.. I don't get it!!
My boobs hurt like crazy, and have for at least 12 days, my pelvic area is aching, my stomach is feeling different, and by different i mean I've had 2 kids before kind of different, but still NOTHING. I am really hoping the next test i do is positive.
Though, we have only be trying for a month now so i don't know how quickly my body will function right after taking my IUD out but I've read so many positive results from different forums and i really hope something good comes from this.
Please be sure to keep us updated Bridget-111 smile
I'm 5 days past and all test are coming back negitive got doctors tomorrow for blood tests
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