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TTC tips for older women Lock Rss

According to science, it becomes increasingly difficult for women above 35 to conceive naturally. However, luckily the technology has improved drastically and doctors who are experienced in this field can help. The clinic I am visiting is helping so many couples above the age of 35 to conceive. I always get so emotional whenever a surrogate mother gives birth to a baby. The happiness on intended parents faces cannot be described. However, whichever treatment the doctor suggests just make sure that the clinic is operating at a high success rate and are professionals. The clinic I am visiting is particular about everything that everything is being done in a very systematic manner. One of the reasons why my procedure is going so well.
Hello hun! I've also faced infertility and I'm so sorry you’re going through this. I had multiple miscarriages. It was hard to continue TTC and get pregnant again. We can't control much our pregnancy but the most important is to stay positive, avoid stress and care about yourself and your baby. I don't know which advice you want or what you want to hear. I think you should look into other options. Personally I chose surrogacy. A fertility specialist may advise you what to do next. I wish you good luck!
You need help to GET PREGNANT? contact Dr Agbola on this email (, It was an awesome feeling when i found out that i am pregnant, i could not believe myself, after trying for 5 years now, finally i have been able to be called a proud mother of twins!! my husband is glad too, by standing by my side all through the struggles of infertility with strong feeling we will achieve this together. i am giving this hint to couples who are struggling with infertility, your time as come as well, with the help of Dr Dr Agbola pregnancy spiritual Breakthrough, which he did for me and my partner, you can also have a child to call your own. this is the Priest contact
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