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Single woman going through IVF Lock Rss

Hi ladies

I am a single 35 year old woman going through IVF with clinic donor sperm. I live in the south east side of Melbourne and hoping to meet other ladies going through IVF whether single or partnered thanks
Hi, Nathalie, welcome) You are not alone here)
Hey! such great thing. babies are love and you really don't need to be married for having a baby.
It's just that you want your life to be filled with love.
I want to share something. There was a time when I got divorced because of being infertile.
and that was the time I could never think of being married again.
but I wanted to have a baby for myself and that I could live my whole life in peace.
so as of now, I have a great TBH and I can have a baby and a family.
Good luck to you. XX
looking forward to hearing some real positive.
Hi Nathalie, Hope you are fine. Sorry to hear about your infertility story.You are not alone here.There are many women out there in this boat.The thing which pleased me is that you didn't give and are looking for treatments. This treatment will be good for you. Our prayers and wishes are with you. IVF is treatment consist of Five Cycles.Success Rates are great in this treatment.
You are going to be the amazing mother. Sending you baby dust. Be happy.Take very good care of your self.I hope you very soon met a woman in RL whose is facing this. It will surely motivate you alot. Good luck for your new journey
Hi. The IVF process is completely painless. Don't worry about it. The only thing painful here is infertility. I'm sorry for your problem. I had surrogacy, though. I don't have first hand experience with IVF. But many of my friends do and they say it's really good.
Hello there, Hope you are fine. Sorry to learn about your infertility. You are not the only one in this boat. There are many ladies escorting you in this boat. The thing which relaxed me is that you didn't give up. Surrogacy treatment will be beneficial for you. Our sympathy and good wishes are with you. Surrogacy is treatment comprises Five Cycles. Success Rates are awesome in this treatment. You will be a mother one day too. Baby dust to you. Be happy and take great care of yourself. A lot of people have shared their success stories on this forum. It will definitely help you a lot. Good luck on your journey.
Hi Nathalie. feeling happy for you. Hope so your cycle went well. I am also having IVF in Europe. And my first cycle is completed now. Now I am looking forward to my upcoming baby. I am having a wonderful time there. There are many another infertile mother who is having IVF. I feel so happy when I see them hopeful. Well, I heard so many times that IVF cycle success is low. But the fact is that success rate is high for the healthy women. Those who are suffering from any kind of disease drops her first cycle. I suggest to all the women to first have a complete medical checkup before IVF. My Best wishes are with you.
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