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5 days late, negative tests Lock Rss

Hi all,
I am new to this site and i was hoping for some advice.
I have been off my pill since November 2015. My partner and i arent trying but we arent avoiding it either. I am currently 5 days late and have been getting negative hpt.
I was hoping for some advice or help of what could be going on.
Thanks in advance xx
which test did you use digital is the best good luck

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You may not be pregnant and could possibly be quite late. See a doctor though if you do believe you are.

I was 21 days late and my period finally came. Oh boy I was paranoid lol! I had cramping etc but all 9 home tests came up negative.
I have used the first response ones.
I have taken 5 over the time since my period was due.

I have booked in for the dr early next week
I am usually always on time.
I was also always on time, but a couple of months ago I was 6 days over and went for a blood test at DR- negative. Period came two days later and I have longer cycles since. But you could just develop HCG slower and not enough to get a positive yet. I have friends that didn't get a positive tests till 14 days over. Blood test is the way to go.
My cycle is usually 32 days normally. Still no sign of my period. I could just be stressed or just missing it this month.
Abit nervous for the drs, dont want to get my hopes up but wanting to know why it is late.
Thanks for the help everyone smile x
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