Hi all! I'm new to this site but have found the forums super useful!

We are currently TTC #1 and I had a few questions, if anyone can help? I was on Yasmin BCP since 2005 and came off it in February. I had a withdraw bleed a few days later that lasted for 5 days. Since then, nothing! I know it can take a while for cycles to regulate, so I wondered if anyone else experience coming off Yasmin? Also:

- If you have a long cycle, can you still ovulate say 30 days in? I had CM at about 30 days but just assumed the ovulation phase has passed?
- I have bought some Vitex (thompsons 1000 once a day) - is it safe to start this now?

Does anyone else have any tips? It's so frustrating waiting and not knowing what's happening! I never thought I'd want a AF so bad.

Thanks all x