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Surrogacy in Australia how to give someone the gift of a baby Lock Rss

Im 34 years old, we have had 2 beautiful healthy girls, who are 9 and 7 now.
We have definitly finished having babies for our family now, but have been thinking alot about being a surrogate for people who cant necessarily have a baby the traditional way.
I have never had any health problems due to pregnancy, and both deliveries were completely natural, I know there are many rules and regulations in Australia, but if anyone has info or where to start that would be amazing.
Hi Danni W, my partner and I are looking for a surrogate if your still interested please email me on and can discuss smile
Hey Danni, thanks for letting us now. I really appreciate your decision of surrogate mother. As an infertile i know the pain of others. I go through surrogacy from Bio TexCom Clinic Ukraine. They have the best technology and equipment. They also take good care of the surrogates. If you are still interested visit there.
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