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Starting cycle of Clomid Lock Rss

Hi girls,

Just wondering if there is anyone out there starting clomid or who had tried it.

I'm starting tomorrow and quite nervous.

Would be awesome to hear from anyone else for support ?

Hi there, I tried 6 cycles of clomid unfortunately without success. I then moved onto IUI and had 2 unsuccessful attempts. Waiting for AF to arrive to start IVF. Good luck and baby dust to you smile
Hi Girls,

Thank you for your reply and so sorry for not responding sooner. im just so exhausted and tired. Your response means a lot to me.

I also found out that my husbands sperm urinalysis wasn't so fantastic, count and mobility ????. My husband is on medication which can impact sperm count temporarily, he can't really change medications and dont really want to risk him having a relapse. Doctors say that the medication shouldn't be an issue, although the urinalysis wasn't very promising.

Good luck to both of you girls, let me know how you go?!

Im about to ovulate soon, so see how we go! xx
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