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First Response test- faint pink line ?? Lock Rss

hello ladies ! I have some questions that need to be answered!
I bought a first response test and took it the other day, after the 3 minute wait there was only 1 pink line (not pregnant) usually your supposed to wait 10 minutes for the test to show the result 100%. after seeing the one line I threw it in my bathroom drawer and forgot about it. I still feel like I'm off with my body and that I might be pregnant still.. my stomach seems to have a bit of a bump that wasn't there the other month! what made me get a test was a few weeks ago my nipples were in serious serious pain, only my nipples! and I noticed they were leaking a clear fuild but it wasn't anything major that was coming out. my nipplea continued to hurt for a few weeks after that and just stopped the other day. now they are just sensitive, my hair is coming out when I shower (not sure if that's any pregnancy symptom) I've been getting cramps that I normally don't get also. anyways! I came back to the test tonight and noticed there was another line that wasn't there before. its faint but its pink and another line!! I read the box unfortunately I threw out the instructions but it says a faint line also means a yes.

I've heard about evaporation line and what not and looked at pictures but the pictures don't look like the test I have.
yes I know i should re test to be sure and I'm going to in the morning I would just like to hear what others have to tell me!!

thank you smile
Hi there, I think you might be pregnant. First signs I got were the sore/sensitive/tingly nipples. Also with both my pregnancy tests (which were positive) there was 1 dark line and one faint line each time. For some reason the first line on the left was always fainter. In your case u may be very early so it makes it harder to read on the first test. You have to be at least 4 weeks along for he test to show positive so u may be like 2-3 weeks. Anyways get another test done. If your still not sure, tell your doctor you want a blood test for more accurate results. But your belly wouldn't be any bigger (maybe from eating lol) but it takes at least 3-4 months to start showing the pregnant belly. And by hat time you would've missed multiple periods and the test would certainly be a big fat positive, the dreaded morning sickness would've kicked in by then also. You'll know about that when it hits also. Sounds very much like very early pregnancy symptoms to me. Good luck, I hope you get the result you want.

I'm not sure how to post pictures if I can even lol, the line is weird you can see the line I didn't have to look at the test close up to see, its sorta squiggly a bit you.can tell its not fully developed into a line if that makes sense. I took this test a few weeks ago and as soon as I seen the first line I didn't bother to keep waiting for anotber line that wasn't going to come lol so I threw it in my bathroom drawer and forgot about it till last night. I took another test a couple days after the first and it said no so I threw it out. I went to see if it was still in my bedroom garbage can but my boyfriend must have thrown it out. it was the first response test one was the lines the other was the yes or no word.

also I was on depo provera BC shot for 5 years and have been off it for about 2 months now. I have other BC to take the pills but I haven't started them yet because I want to get my period first. I didn't think you could concieve with getting a period first but I was informed by multiple people that isn't true lol
Well I think in order to conceive you only need to ovulate, im not sure about the period bit but I was on BC pills for 6years after the birth of my first child and after coming off them in order to try conceive I had no luck for 12 months as I wasn't getting a proper period due to my body trying to get used to the change of coming off the pill. I had no period for a full year after coming off the pills (I did have an ovarian cyst that ruptured as well so my body was getting over that also) but then I finally got a real period after that full year of waiting and after the first real period I got, I fell pregnant. So maybe you do need a period to fall? I think I wanna look that up now lol
But yeah like I said my tests were faint as well, I'm not sure how to post pics on here either, but you could take a picture of it with your phone, and put it as your profile pic so I could see it better. It's easy to upload a profile pic. Then when your done just switch to another pic which suits u better.

I had the same thing! First test I took was negative, took 2 more then suddenly the 4th one showed the faintest second pink line. Went to the gp and had an ultrasound due to cramping and we found out I was 5 weeks pregnant, the hormone level was just really low. I guess the only way to be 100% is with a blood test. Good luck!
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