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Epilepsy, Lamictal & Miscarriage Lock Rss

Hi All,

I recently went through my second miscarriage now at 10 wks my previous one was at 5 weeks. I have a beautiful 5 year old girl who is a blessing. When i fell pregnant with her I refused to take Lamictal or any other drugs apart from folic acid until I got to the 13 weeks and thank God we reached full term. The past two pregnancies that resulted in miscarriages I was taking
- Lamictal 600mg per day (as advised by my neurologist)
- Folic acid (4mg, i cant find 5mg here)
- pregnancy vitamins (fab fol)
- vitamin d (as i was aparently deficient)
- clonadine (for high blood pressure)

I wanted to see if anyone that has taken Lamicatal or clonadine has ended up in a similar situation.
It is really hard especially with two consecutive miscarriages.
Hi Sanjz_!

I'm so sorry for your losses!

I have taken Lamictal for my last three pregnancies and have been very fortunate to never miscarried.

I was typically on 500mg/day in the first trimester and up to 800 when bubs was born.
I also took 5mg folate throughout plus Elevit. I usually bought Megafol 5. Most chemists stock them and they only cost $4-5 for 100 tabs.

I haven't known Lamictal to have a high risk of miscarriage, but on thinking about it, my neurologist usually didn't up my dose until he thought it necessary. So there may be something in that too. May I also add, my neurologist is the head of Neurology for NSW, so I just went by what he said and didn't really question it too much. Any other neurologist that I have seen has also said that Lamictal is the safest for pregnancy and the only risk that I was ever warned about from any of them was cleft lip/palate.

Sorry I don't have any experience with clonadine.

Any other questions I'm happy to answer them if I can.

Once again, sorry to hear of your losses and all the best for a sticky bub in future!

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