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  5. Wife = endometrisis + fibroids+41. Husband = zero sperm count

Wife = endometrisis + fibroids+41. Husband = zero sperm count Lock Rss

Good luck!

Good luck. I did acupuncture and swear by it! It did absolute wonders for me and I am adamant it helped me get pregnant this time and last time after 1 year of trying each time smile xx
Boy am I glad to have found your thread.
I've been on another thread all month and I feel invisible..
All the women seem to reply to each other and no one replies to me, lol!!

I also have endo - it's so hard to find other women trying to conceive with it!
I know that they are out there somewhere?!

All the best, Jess x
Meisie wrote:
Hi Jessica

We went for the ultra sound today to get my husband checked out, this is the first step to see if sperm can be located prior to and operation.

The Doctor said once he gets the sperm he will put me through a cycle on ivf.

You can inbox me and I will share furture details with you.

Meisie wrote:
Hi All

Hope some one will join in my journey.
I've had two operations to remove endometrisos and fibroids but they grew back.
I have had one pregnancy that result in miscarriage, very early in our marriage.
My husband had a hernia operation and we never taught anything about it.

After not getting getting for a while my obgy decide to examine my husband.
Zero sperm count
We still waiting for cf test
Hopefully getting results in the morning.

We being treated by Queensland fertilty clinic
They are great. Honest and open.

He had being refer (my husband) to have a biopsy to retrieve and freeze sperm, if all goes well I will go have a cycle of ivf.

We are 41 so fingers crossed.

Hello Meisie,

How are you going with the IVF? Can you please share?
All the best,
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