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Feeling bad Lock Rss

I feel really bad sad one of my friend told me she was pregnant .. Then uttered the phrase that makes my blood boil. " we didn't even try" 1st month " no offence to anyone in this boat.. Very very happy for everyone that gets pregnant, I've just been trying for a very very very very long time and when she said that I was more angry and I had to force the happiness and now I feel really bad. I hate this..

sad I'm so sorry that you have had trouble conceiving sad

Hope your beautiful baby comes soon.

Oh no Chickadee, sorry for you sad
When do you get to try again?

Oh Chickadee. You have every reason to feel the way that you do. No one would blame you. I have followed your journey for a while now and know how difficult it has been for you. Please don't feel bad for feeling the way that you do. It's part of life I'm afraid to feel the way that you do. I really hope that things work out and that you are pregnant really soon.

I know how you feel. Even after having 2 IVF babies i still find it frustrating when people make those comments.
feel for you , u have every right, my first baby took 2 and half years, and then one im pregnant with now took 1 and half years, my sil is well aware of our struggles to have babies, when we where trying for number 1 she fall preg with number five and told me and was like but im going to have a abortion, what is fine im not against abortion but its the fact the day of her abortion she went to the hospital and because they where taking to long to see her she got shitty and walked out and kept the baby but this was after drinking leading up to abortion etc just really pissed me off then she spent 3 days in her room crying when she found out she was having another girl, i was so upset and my husband told her to grow up get over it and to be thankful she can have kids, she now has 6 kids. so i def know how ur feeling

Hi, I've been in the same boat as you. Took us 5 years to have our son. I had people say the same to me. Even your thinking about it too much or just forget about it and it will happen. All of these statements DON'T help just make you angry and really hurt. I now have had 8 miscarriages, but as well as 2 beautiful boys that I was only able to conceive with Chinese herbs. I still boils my blood when people tell me they conceive "without even trying". But now I get from friends that had kids 8 or 10 years ago. "Why didn't you have kids earlier, our kids could have done more together" (Like I wanted to have all the heart ache). I'm so very sorry for the pain you are going thru and so hope a little bundle of joy will be growing with you soon. but be prepared for those thoughtless or hurtful statements and comments to stay around. All the best.

I have been in your position as well. Our twins were born the week before our nineth wedding anniversary and i had been off the pill the whole time. In that time my sister had 3 kids, one day her and bf decided to have a baby and first month it happened then she had 2 more while on the pill. My brother got his gf pregnant a month after they started going out and my 17 yr old nephew got his gf pregnant. One of my best friends decided to try straight away just because we were having trouble and becuase she works in a hospital she just got testing done straight away and was on clomid before trying for a year and pregnant first time. At that stage i was in hospital with hyperstim from too many eggs during ivf and they wanted us to go and celebrate their news. Things started to strain between us and we are no longer friends. She was never there as support it was always about what she was going through. My other best friend got married and the same week we had to go through losing a baby at 18 weeks and i pulled ouy as bridesmaid at last minute and instead of support we basically never spoke again. I lost 2 friends of 20 years. Unfortunately you cant help how you feel and you have to do whats right for you and use whatever coping mechanisms you need to to get yourself through it becuase it does get harder. I have friends who have had children while o was trying and i was happy for them and still remain friends because they showed me support when i needed it and i was happy for them after feeling very sad about it at the same time. I hope you get your good news soon
Oh Chickadee, I feel for you. Please don't feel bad for feeling the way you do. It's completely okay and normal.

I'm currently almost 12 weeks pregnant, our third pregnancy after two miscarriages and TTC for two years, and always found those 'oh we weren't even really trying' so upsetting. Even though you are happy for anyone with pregnancy or baby news, it's understandable to have mixed emotions when you've been through a rough time. Infertility and loss is an emotional rollercoaster that can't really be understood by anyone who hasn't been there.

I used to feel really bad about being upset when others would share their good news, but it's taken me some time to come to terms with the fact that it's normal. Take care of yourself Chickadee, and I really hope that your happy news is not far away. xx

thanks ladies for all your support I'm crying my eyes out reading all the supporting comments, it taken me so long to type because i couldn't see... I'm extremely happy for anyone that gets pregnant because that what I have been trying to do for so long but just saying those phrases cuts into my heart so badly.

anyone knowing that pain of failing every month will understand, I feel broke and useless as a woman. All I have ever wanted to do is be a mother and I don't understand what I have done so wrong. I'm so over strugglin I would love just to know yes it's going to happen or no it's not than at least I could deal with it.

Currently just failed month 60 of trying .. I wish i didn't want this so bad

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