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IVF ICSI & Egg Retrieval Lock Rss

Oh, that's terrible news - but awesome that you have your little boy!

Thanks for your well wishes.

It went ok. Sure, it was a bit painful, but more uncomfortable than painful. Afterwards has been more like period pain than real pain. Looking forward to hearing from them with the good news - and to find out when embryo transfer is...

Good luck, Kim. It should be ok for you when you get there too.
Thanks Emmrossall. Sounds like your egg retrieval wasn't too traumatic which is great. Knowing that makes me feel a little less terrified. Now you have all the exciting stuff ahead!! smile
The lab called yesterday. They got three eggs, one wasn't mature. They fertilised the other two, but only one was normal. Seeing as they only transfer one, that's all we needed! They are going to call me today to let me know when they are doing the transfer. smile it will either be tomorrow or Sunday.
Wow, very exciting! All the best for your transfer. Not anywhere near as stressful as the egg retrieval, that's for sure. Look forward to hearing your next update! smile
Exciting news Emmrossall, I am so glad that all went well for you. Sending sticky vibes and big hugs.xx
Good luck Kim will be thinking of you.xx smile
Thanks ladies. Day is set - tomorrow morning.... Nervously excited.
Yay!! I am very excited for you. Funny to think, this time tomorrow night you will be carrying one tiny little fertilized cell smile)) How surreal!
I know - hubby is trying not to get his hopes up. I am doing my best to keep calm and not worry about it.
I am so excited for you I got butterflies in my belly hehe. Sending all the sticky vibes your way xx
Thanks Tiger_Lara2.

It was pretty exciting seeing the little embryo before they put it in. I was so excited, and then it was over in a blink of the eye.

I know I keep saying it but 'how exciting!'. Now the two week wait. As they say in Fertilty forum world, lots of sticky baby dust to you smile
Thank you! Doing my best to stay calm. Lots of meditation, lots of letting hubby deal with my step daughter smile
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