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IVF ICSI & Egg Retrieval Lock Rss

BIG CONGRATULATIONS Emrossall, wow that is a wonderful news, sorry for late reply been sick, but we are just getting better. Have a fab week and will be touch to see how you are going! Take care Lara smile
Thanks, Lara. Much appreciated. Glad you're doing better.

We told sd because hubby can't keep a secret. She's terribly excited, but we've warned her that anything can happen, etc. we are all hopeful though. It's all been good thus far.
Hi Emrossall,

Just had my egg collection yesterday.
Only 3 eggs retrieved.. Cant sleep im so worried and hoping my 3 eggs will fertilize till day 5.. I cry and cry cant wait the clinic will call later to let us know hows the eggs ???????????????????? we hope everthings fine
Hello ladies, I have EPU on the 22nd march
And really scared about light sedation? Has anyone been through springwood fertility center? If so how was the EPU?
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